The key technology to LED light extremely

1 Jun

Video AD board, large screen, power supply, video encoder need, decoder, line drive, digital signal processor (DSP) has a lot of small subsystem common operation, can provide a video image, but seldom greater insight into a display systems light emitting diode (LED) drive function.

If you watch the video screen, will find that there are hundreds of video panel, again closer to a little, will find that each panel and have the article 16 pixels, each megapixels by three of led strip, respectively is red, green, blue. Each of the anode is LED connected to the output of the LED drive, these hundreds of thousands of LED drive through hundreds of thousands of a positive current LED control, to produce video images.

Electronic design personnel’s challenge is how to use LED drive effective control LED current, most high order LED drive can by many kinds of methods to control system of current, many drive has LED the brightness adjusting functions, such as point correction (DC), pulse width modulation (PWM) dimmer and global illumination control (BC). Although these functions can be played the same basic utility, also is the adjustment LED brightness, but their original purpose is not the same, only know how to proper use of these functions, can provide the best quality video.

Simulation/PWM dimmer reduce brightness LED

Understood the advanced LED drive before function, must first understand two reduce brightness led the method. Respectively is simulated dimmer and PWM dimmer. The simulation just to change through the LED the positive current. If half of the current drivers LED, its brightness has halved. Although unable to reach: the ratio of, LED brightness and positive current present linear relationship between roughly.

PWM adjustable just to be opening and closing the current, to change the current pulse width, and the amplitude. Brightness LED through open the percentage of time that LED to control or load cycle. The naked eye can only feel about 60 Hz the following frequency response, with more than 60 Hz if the rate of opening and closing LED. Naked eye can only feel average LED brightness. Most of the display USES more than 100 Hz PWM dimmer. For fixed frequency PWM dimmer, load cycle will lead to reducing LED brightness is reduced. Chart 1 shows that the 20 mA (mA) LED the light to 25% brightness. Simulation and move light PWM dimmer comparison between, the two LED brightness are the same.
Flexible LED Strip Lights manufacturing processing tolerance is not easy to control, for high quality of the display, the two main characteristics are led the luminous intensity and frequency spectrum purity. However, the characteristics of different LED on very different, even the same LED manufacturing bath also are such. In the ideal case, use the same processor LED drives to current open all red LED, can achieve the same brightness. In fact, however, with the same current drivers LED, brightness will a huge difference. General LED on the market in the same positive parts current drivers, will present the 2-1 brightness difference.

If not deal with such differences, LED panel will have very good between the pixels luminance match, and some fixed can effectively deal with luminous intensity differences. Point correction is to point to will led display the pixels or points in the density of the amended or normalized. Through the simulation of individual LED adjust current can be reached such effect. Panel manufacturing, after the completion of the original factory must first point correction. Test equipment measurement LED density, and product set in the point above the IC correction coefficient, adjusts the brightness LED.

General high density led actuators can be single resistance of each output settings LED current limit. Point correction using simulation dimmer, will adjust the current limit for the current percentage degree. Some fixed the adjusted a count of too much, and eventually led the brightness of the agreement. Six sites can provide correction from 0 Ma rset resistance to define the current limit of sixty-four different current level, and can gradually to the scale of 1.59% positive current adjustment; 7 sites modifications can gradually to the scale of 0.79% positive current adjustment. Figure 2 shows quantity production after some fixed before and after the panel brightness.
For some fixed before, all LED has the same positive current, therefore cause brightness difference 2-1. For some correction, LED drive in different current drivers can all LED, that LED to the same brightness. It is worth noting that. Point correction must be able to adjust the brightness for less than the panel will be the most dark LED value. In any panel of a large display of a production environment, must will be all LED to the brightness of the set is equal to or lower than the system is the most dark LED brightness, so the data table should provide led the brightness of the lower limit specified range.

Point correction can also be used to adjust the brightness of the display. At noon, the sunny outdoor use full brightness, but the same brightness for indoor appears at night or too bright. Will all point to a revised lower percentage of the values of the previous level, also can reduce overall panel brightness. If the system using a correction of the IC, but not use point correction function, they will be all point to a revised set of the upper limit value of the half, can achieve 50% brightness. After seven sites for the revision of the LED drive, will be all the points a revised from one hundred and twenty-seven down to sixty-three, can achieve 50% brightness. The following equation can be set to use some of the positive current modified LED:

Among them, is the Imax rset set the output current limit, the point is the output DCx x a revised, n is point correction of digits. For the above example, Imax equal to 40 ma, DC is equal to sixty-three, all LED currently set to 40 Ma is 63/127 = 19.84 Ma.

If the system is already using a fixed function to achieve consistent panel brightness, can still use some fixed adjust light. Will point to a revised set the initial value of the half, can achieve 50% dimming effect. 7 sites fixed LED drive as an example. If LED require one hundred and eight points in a revised, will be set up as the current consensus panel brightness of correct value, will be the new point of a revised set to 54, adjust adjust for 50% of brightness.

Using fixed adjustable light fixed panel brightness drawback is. The luminance match of the available a number of effect would be decreased.

Brightness control precision matching brightness

In order to maintain certain luminance match, at the same time, the whole panel of the light, high order LED to provide the individual BC drive buffer to achieve integral move light panel outside of the individual point correction utility. And some correction, brightness control is also more light through simulation. It’s the difference between them is that point correction can be adjusted individual LED, brightness and control can be adjusted at the same time more LED. Point correction and brightness control the number of buffer and configuration with IC is concerned.

For example, drive eight stars in groups of three LED a group of 24 channel LED used LED drive contains a point correction 24 buffer (each each used for individual LED), including the three brightness control buffer, each one for each individual LED group. Another 16 output LED actuators can be driving sixteen of the same color LED, including 16 internal point correction buffer, and contains a brightness controller buffer, can be adjusted at the same time all sixteen output. Oxonian correction and brightness control functions help accurate control LED luminance match, at the same time, the whole panel can be dimming. Contains some correction and brightness in the control of the IC, LED current is made of two kinds of buffer values common definition: one is the Imax Rset set the output current limit, the point is the output DCx x a revised, n is point correction of digits, BC is global brightness values, m is the brightness fixed number.

The low light PWM brightness maintain colour

Precise control of high definition video brightness is just one of the links, the second part is the right color matching. Old Money monitor USES the light to set the color simulation mixed LED brightness and color quality to have a negative effect. Figure 3 shows positive current changes and LED the relationship between color changes. Figure 3 Real green LED in this particular definition LED the brightness (20 ma) color. If you want to use the 25% dimmer simulation brightness, need 5 ma positive current. This enables chromatographic from 525 nanometers (nm) into 531 nanometers, need to be present for the display of true color is concerned. This is unacceptable levels.
PWM dimmer and can be called gray-scale PWM dimmer, can eliminate LED move light color changes. This kind of light energy to the high definition video low light, maintaining the correct LED colour. No matter why LED brightness, PWM dimmer can make through the current LED consistent, in order to eliminate LED color changes. The color displays each picture element is composed by three LED, respectively, in red, green, blue. By simultaneously, red, green, and blue LED the pulse and mixed, pixels can appear as many as sixty-eight billion seven hundred million kinds of colour. The following example will illustrate the PWM light.

For the sake of simplicity, this example use only the PWM the three persons in the light. Three bits equal to 23 = 8 a shadow chromaticity, so each LED can be set to 0 ~ 7 PWM gray-scale degree. Each video box to start. All are all LED goes out. In the first of the frequency PWM rose edge, all LED will light up, only to 0 grey-scale values set LED not on the light. Each PWM frequency cycle begins. IC will increase gray-scale counter. Each LED will continue to light up, until the PWM gray-scale counter led the PWM value more than set so far.

Figure 4 shows the program, which presents the simplified three PWM dimmer controller waveform and block diagram (figure 5). Will, red, green, and blue LED the grey-scale values for seven, four were set and a, can be on the picture presents orange megapixels. Set to four grey-scale values of green LED will in the first PWM frequency cycle of edge light up to rise, and after four complete frequency PWM continued to cycle on the light. The three PWM dimmer example for every pixels can produce five hundred and twelve (23 23 23) kind of colour. For 16 LED drive, it can produce two hundred and eighty-one million (216 x 216 x 216) kind of colour.
Use proper collocation point correction, brightness control and PWM dimmer, big screen image of more perfect. So perfect design, to make the masses to big screen image of the response, and in order to achieve megapixels, luminance match between the display brightness lighting conditions, mixed with environment colour with perfect image of concern and efforts, then quietly hidden in the brilliant fluorescence behind the scenes.


Color rich LED stage light more let dominant

31 May

Rich color to stage light more dominant led strip lighting: LED stage light use more and more. Relative to the other light source stage light it with your own advantages, including live a long life, energy conservation and environmental protection, and so on. With high quality to listen to the energy-saving lamps manufacturers-relevant personnel introduces!!!!

Related personnel introduces said LED than incandescent lamp high luminous efficiency, lamps efficiency than normal bulb lamps is high, the efficiency of the light is much higher, 12v led light bars are used for stage performance to produce a desired color light, can give full play to the strengths of the LED out. This is why LED lights on the stage to use more and more reasons.
Stage light mostly used to red, green, and blue are the three LED tube combination to use, through the three colors mixed form of white light lighting model, also can adjust color changes. Compared with the traditional lighting, tens of hours and life expectancy of the switch fast, convenient and color that move light bright, energy conservation and environmental protection etc, and let LED stage light more popular. And colour change is the biggest stage light characteristics.
The traditional lighting tools is how to do color change: the traditional lighting of the stage lighting in the use of the colored light, use the lamps and lanterns of white light in the hair before the color filters and color paper or other colour filter method, namely from the need to color, only through the need of colored light spectrum.
Traditional lighting lighting disadvantages: because of don’t need color is blocked, injection is quite weak light, especially common blue light, it is located in the spectrum of the visible spectrum high-end, due to the characteristics of the human eye, the visible spectrum on both ends of the red and blue purple especially sensitive, a lot of the human eye sensitive light is blocked, the luminous efficiency is more lamps and low. Traditional lighting in order to prevent the colour filter high temperature fade, colour filter through the spectrum to a large number of infrared component in the blue colour filter through short wave long blu-ray, but also some long band of the red light pass through. Therefore, through the incandescent lamp with blue before colour filter ways to get blue light not only brightness is abate, color is not pure, it is difficult to make besides satisfaction.
high density led strip and lanterns in stage light advantages: stage need lamp emit suitable for glorious, demand more than general illumination change. In stage performance, lamplight to used to to set the stage, props, clothing dyeing, or create specific stage atmosphere, stage performance the use of colored light. And at present stage of light color is commonly used lamps, LED lamps and lanterns in the color performance than traditional light source. It’s red, green, and blue three colored light shine out by three tube, white light by three colors mixed, need a colored light, only reduce don’t need a spectrum, and sent out the color spectrum for can, in this way, the luminous efficiency greatly improve the lamps and lanterns. Especially blu-ray, LED lamp blue light equivalent to power greater than its brightness 10 times of incandescent lamp lamps add blue color the brightness of the paper.

LED lighting development prospect is good

30 May

led strip development prospect is good: LED light source is called the third generation of the light source, also known as the green light source. Its development prospect has the attention of the people, a lot of people think the LED illumination is potentially a big industry, but also someone doesn’t agree with, and the following together come to find out the specific situations!

What LED lamps: LED lights and be people fall into is light emitting diode lights. LED lights are particles. Is a semiconductor solid glowing device. It is using solid semiconductor chip as luminescence materials, in a semiconductor compound released by carriers happen excess energy and cause photon emission, an immediate red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white light. Because it’s not through the other the transfer of energy directly shines and saves a huge amount of energy waste and much of everybody love.
Flexible LED Strip Lights for dc drive, low power consumption (single pipe 0.03 0.06 watts) and other characteristics, the lightning power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than traditional light energy saving 80% above, a lamp that 50 w of energy-saving lamp brightness and 300 watts to 400 watts of high pressure sodium quite, improve more than 10 times the light life, and electricity is to reduce nearly nine into. In addition, there is the man LED light source called longevity lamp, meaning never put out the lamp. Solid cold light source, the epoxy resin packaging, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament burn, thermal deposits to light, light shortcomings, such as a failure, with lifetime 60000 to 100000 hours, than traditional light source long life to 10 times. And its environmental protection is more effective, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum no, no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste recycling. No pollution does not contain mercury elements, and cold light source, can safely touch, belongs to the typical green lighting source. And the traditional light source drab glow effect than, LED light source is low voltage microelectronics products, successful blend computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, so also is the digital information product, is the semiconductor photoelectric device “high point” technology, with online programming, infinite upgrade, flexible characteristic, is pure high pointed technology.

But at present, the high density led only in outdoor lighting is widely used and indoor have thorough application. And many of the domestic people don’t willing to pay the high prices LED. Plus LED quality is apart from big, also let the consumer are not assured. And LED industry investment is hot. Two years many enterprises to enter the industry again soon after exit, causing a lot of money and a waste of energy. For this kind of some of the reasons for the enterprise to be in the wait-and-see state.

LED drive characteristic analysis

29 May

Based on the current rate of voltage characteristics, high density led needs a to meet the requirements of design, so get their characteristics and application based on particular choice of an appropriate driver circuit is very important. This special driving circuit for these LED to provide the rated voltage and current, for their normal work to create a good condition.

To achieve the purpose of the light, LED to a positive voltage to let the current flow. So LED to provide a positive drive LED to make the light bias. The LED light grade or brightness is usually the size of the current is priced. In addition, through the current LED should not be more than equipment rated current of the provisions. Otherwise may cause permanent damage. Therefore constant current driver circuit will drive current control is in the right level of LED an ideal scheme. In other words, the LED drive circuit is a kind of providing a constant current and voltage of the power supply, the unsteady transform circuit. LED drive circuit at least should contain a voltage detection circuit and a current switch circuit.

When the voltage of power to detect detection circuit different voltage grade, dedication to the current circuit sends a signal, then current switch circuit was automatic startup, use the predetermined value to the electrical set of LED adjustment, thus effectively lit led as much as possible.

Linear driver

Linear regulators through the output voltage stabilizer and grounding in between nodes connected to a current sampling resistance, can provide a simple method of constant current generated. The constant voltage stabilizer output voltage through the feedback resistance to generate the constant current. Power supplies reference voltage and current to the sampling resistance LED current. Linear regulators are usually used to drive the low power LED, such as PDA this portable equipment a backlight. The typical current value in these LED 15 mA to 25 between mA, Vf in 3.0 V to 3.4 V between. If line driver used for multiple LED the power supply, then these LED should be series, to ensure that all of the current Of by the same, so that the shine amount roughly equal.

The advantages of the linear drive are plan cost and electromagnetic interference is low, because linear regulators only need to drive around in IC on several resistance, will not use switch components. Because linear drive needs high voltage output to provide LED current, so the scheme are the shortcomings of low efficiency, which LED to the ratio of the voltage and low voltage power supply. Linear regulators major limitation of the power supply voltage is always higher than LED voltage, and linear voltage source can’t improve output voltage, and will only lower voltage to a certain extent. This kind of low efficiency can cause fever problem.
Switch drive

a wide range of input for the high current application for, such as mentioned above will produce simple drive scheme of higher heat and low efficiency. And with constant current output switch drive is driving high power LED the first choice. The driver is usually used to the series inductance load or in parallel and LED the capacitance and led the power supply voltage for switch control. The inductor or capacitor is used when the switch when open save electric energy; and then in the switch is closed for LED provide current. And different line driver, switch drive can be configured to realize voltage decreasing (buck), increasing (boost) or both the function of coexistence. So obviously switch drives allow LED in a wider range of input voltage. In addition to the amount of light with constant current adjustment function, and they can be energy loss to a minimum. Beyond doubt are switching voltage regulators than linear regulators more efficient. But compared with linear regulators, switch drive cost and need to be higher for EMI problem of careful design. In order to pass the appropriate way to drive LED, need to find the most satisfactory performance to price.

PWM dimmer

Many LED applications need dimmer functions, such as LED back lighting or building lighting dimmer. LED by adjusting the brightness and contrast of can realize the function of light. Simply reduce device of current may be able to adjust to LED. But let LED in less than rated current situation of work has LED to many bad results, such as color difference problem.

Instead of a simple method of adjusting current is led strip on the drive of integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) controller. The PWM signal is not used to control LED directly, but controls a switch, for example a MOSFET, LED to the current to provide. PWM controller usually have a fixed frequency to work and pulse width adjustment, to match the required v. The current most LED chips are used to control PWM LED. To ensure that people won’t be apparent to shine, PWM pulse frequency must be more than 100 Hz.

The main advantage of the PWM control through the optical the PWM is more accurate, so that the greatest degree of reduced when LED the brightness of the photo.

The other characteristic LED drive

Because it is more than traditional lighting of the light, high brightness Flexible LED Strip Lights applications in many occupied a place. But these LED will produce more heat than traditional LED. Therefore, the LED drive needs to avoid overheating protection function in continuous work out in the quantity of heat of the damage.

Use a thermal resistor can realize an overheating protection circuit, used in when the temperature reaches a default value of the power cut off LED. In addition to overheat protection, and other security issues to consider, for example, short circuit protection and open circuit protection.

Analytical LED lighting lamps bedroom design

28 May

Along with the further mature LED technology, mini led light bars will be in the bedroom design development fields have more and better development. The bedroom of the 21 st century lamps design will LED lamps for the mainstream is designed, and fully reflect the energy conservation, health is changed, art is changed and humanized lighting development trend, become a bedroom light the dominant culture.

The bedroom can lighting lamps and lanterns, and lamps and lanterns is lighting concentrated reflection, it is not only the complete bedroom function, create visual buildings of the conditions of the tool, is part of the bedroom packaging, is lighting technology and architecture art entity. Modern lamps in the bedroom is not only of the lighting effect, build the bedroom atmosphere is the main component. Use of modelling of lamps and light color coordination, can make the bedroom environment has some kind of atmosphere and artistic conception, reflect a certain style and personality, increase the architectural art aesthetic feeling, make interior space more people with physiological and psychological needs and aesthetic taste.


Light color constitute the basic elements of visual aesthetics, is an important means of beautification bedroom. The selection of light source directly influence the artistic effect of light, light color display lamps in LED display on art unparalleled advantage; At present color LED products has covered the visible spectrum, and monochromatic good, high purity color, red, green, yellow LED to the combination of color and gray (16.7 million color) choice has a greater flexibility. Lamps and lanterns is glowing sculpture, by material, structure, form and texture structure of the material form is also show art lamps and the important means.

flexible led strip lighting technology make the bedroom lamps and scientific and artistic quality will be better organic union, broke the traditional lamps side frame, beyond the inherent of so-called lamps form of ideas, lamps in the visual perception and form design of art creative performance, with a new point of view to know and understand and express the theme of the light. We can be more flexible use of optical technology in Ming and dark collocation, the combination of light and color, material and structure design of the advantage, improve the design freedom to weaken the lighting lamps function, let the lamps become a visual art, create a comfortable beautiful light artistic effect. For example translucent synthetic materials and aluminum into similar to the candle of LED lamp, can put on the ground, at the corner or desk, conception is contracted and relaxed, form of visual experience of light and convey experience, let lamps with taste and vitality into being.

Human nature

Without a doubt, light, and the relationship between people is an eternal topic, “people see the light, I saw the light”, it is a classic discourse has changed countless designer to the understanding of the lamp. Lamps is the highest realm “pressing” is human highest expression of lighting, the room without any trace of the common lamps, let people can feel light but couldn’t find the light source, reflected light and human life of perfect combination of humanized design.

high watt led lights product small qualitative light, can choose different combination of light color LED into illumination soft various modules, any installation in the bedroom, the bedroom lighting lamps light source may result from the ground, metope, window, furniture and decorations. Therefore, the future will no longer limited to bedroom illume a single lamps and lanterns, and will by single lamps lighting into no lighting appliance feeling the whole lighting effect of the pressing. Different light color and brightness to the person’s physiology and psychology can produce different effect, people in many cases don’t need very bright white light, may yellow or other color of light more suitable for physiological and psychological needs. Three colors LED can realize the brightness, gray, color of the continuous transformation and choose, make lighting from in general for a variety of white light expansion color of light.

Therefore, people can according to overall lighting needs (such as color, brightness and direction, temperature, etc) to set the lighting effect, realizing the humanized intelligent control, create a different indoor illume result. Even if the bedroom only LED ceiling and glowing metope, people can also according to their respective requirements, the scene, as well as to the environment and different understanding of life, in different space and time of choice and control the brightness of the light, gray, color changes, the simulation of all kinds of the light environment to guide, improve mood, reflect more human lighting environment.

Energy saving

Research data shows that due to cold light is LED, semiconductor lighting itself will not pollute the environment, and incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, compared to electricity saving efficiency can achieve 70% above. In the same brightness, power consumption for normal bulb only 1/10 of the fluorescent tubes 1/2. If use LED to replace our current 50% of traditional lighting, our country save power each year is just a three gorges hydropower station is the sum total of the electricity, and the energy-saving benefit is very considerable.


LED is a kind of green light source. LED for dc drive, no stroboscopic; No infrared and uv ingredients, no radiation pollution, show color of the high and strong directional light; Dimmer performance is good, color temperature changes won’t produce visual error; Cold light source low calorific value, can be safely touch; These are all incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp short of. It can provide a comfortable light space, and can meet the demand of physiological health, is to protect the vision and the health of environmental light source.

Because the present single LED power smaller, brightness is low, used alone sometimes can’t attain lighting brightness demand, and will be more LED assembly together become practical design of LED lighting lamps has wide application prospects. Lamps and lighting designer can according to the needs of the object and flux, decided to the shape of the optical system, the lamps and lanterns of LED the size of the number and power; Can also will several LED tube combination design into point light source, ring or face light source of “the second light source,” based on a combination of “the second light source” to design lamps and lanterns.

As a new type of LED lighting technology, the application prospect remarkable, especially high brightness LED more is known as the 21 st century most valuable source of light, lighting area will cause a new revolution. Since white LED appear, whether shine principle or function which other traditional light source unmatched advantage, therefore, the LED illumination has become a bedroom in the field of the 21 st century lighting a trend, the LED and traditional incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp together, for the bedroom opened up a new heaven and earth lighting. The content and style of design lamps mainly is light, LED to new light lighting design and development of innovation, from a great extent change our lighting idea, so that we can from traditional point, line source limited liberate, lamps of language and concept design can free play and a new established, lamps and lanterns in the visual perception and form of creative performance has a more flexible space of the bedroom, the illumination luminaries to more energy conservation, health is changed, art is changed and human development.

LED lamps on

25 May

The long life led strip lighting itself need good design, good materials, good process. Also, LED by other components and composed of products is also need good design, good components and materials, good process. To make it meet the real long life and low power consumption and less maintenance purposes. With LED lights beautify the environment at the same time, don’t forget the bad products on safe for the environment. If it is working voltage is not enough, or working voltage is too low will appear in bright lights or not enough brightness, if supplier problems that may for leakage, you can use QT2 test IR curve to determine the wavelength brightness with lead-free production, LED is requests the with lead-free, LED in a wave front when furnace can take time and temperature is limited, world class LED also can only take 3 seconds to 5 seconds of high temperature shock wave front zion Baptist more than 260 degrees temperature can’t.
Home to save cost LED manufacturers, generally provide spectral range is larger. Of the upper limit value of the LED lights and limit the LED lights have obvious difference. On this condition, generally more difficult to control. Because LED lamp is very weak, therefore, a WAVE general easy bad, but with lead-free homework, its temperature should improve a lot. Therefore, we must pay attention to for LED products, when the temperature increase, can affect LED to could not afford the state. This two kinds of circumstances, main find LED to solve the supplier.

1. By environmental factor influence and damage
Installed in the roadside or in the lamps and lanterns of the bridge by different vibration influence, the vibration source from vehicles, especially of the past overloaded vehicles. When a components or somewhere in the lamps with external vibration source resonance occur, to produce components or the destruction of the circuit. By bad environment (such as the sun, wind and rain, vibration, etc) the long-term impact, and artificial factors, can make the LED lamps closed structure from the original different degree of damage, rain and dust leakage and will make internal circuit from damage. If the rain and dust under the action of the electricity of the corrosion of the copper foil; The damp resistance to produce and LED the lead corrosion, etc.

2. Human effects of lead to damage
When lamps can touch the people to put in place, often by some people have intention to not intentional of press, shaking, beating or by carrying objects in the collision and damage.

3. The safety of product use
The above analysis of various factors on the use of the products will be 12v led light bars by a certain degree of damage, which in turn is damaged LED products and will affect the environment around you. This will cause a potential public environment safety problems.
A. fire malaises. When the damaged copper foil line in through the large current, when connecting wires solder loose this virtual will produce a local high fever, serious when circuit board overcooked make its produce carbon. The circuit board will through the carbonization more current and fever, so the outcome of the vicious circle, carbonized circuit board is set on fire, is LED the circuit inside the lamp fire kindled the wall of the results.
B. electric shock or shock hazard. Due to the improper design if mounting screws top end in the circuit boards of copper foil have electricity, and the other end Lou in the outside wall, when LED lamps installed in people can touch to place, if someone touches to screw cap will received a shock; Rainy days is more dangerous. If LED lamps were not damaged wall change in time, when someone touches to internal circuit is the risk of electric shock. Because it is different from the previous lamps and lanterns, is only the snail mouth bulb charged, it printed circuit board on both sides of the article is bare of 220 V electric wire, most people have not been established protection consciousness or aware of the risk. So, to install the 220 V LED lamps, or try to put in the place where people can not touch it.

In short, loose the risk of loss dropped or fall high density led strip are used to do most decorative lighting at night, often installed in crossing bridge, the street to the bridge, the roof of the buildings along the street or on the wall, these positions below is people often through the place. Because dosage is bigger, the fall happened chance will be large. Over time, the material will happen gradually ageing damaged, under external force, the vibration of the body such as bridge, wind, hail will increase the damage of aging fell. Shall cause enough attention and guard against, and to strengthen such inspection and maintenance of the lamps on a regular basis.

LED lighting applications in food of breakthrough

24 May

If the results are successful words, with led strip lighting in place of the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, will make food extend shelf life, make the color of a food more real, more conducive to customers choose food. As people to continue to study the LED lighting, makes the advantage of LED lighting is more and more, believe that instead of traditional lighting lamps and LED lighting in all areas of the popularity of the time will not far.

A: the glaring and uniform illumination device
At present, the supermarket food especially cooked food, cold fresh foods, generally USES the fluorescent lighting. This kind of traditional high quantity of heat lighting system for meat or meat products will cause damage, but also in the plastic packaging is formed within the water vapor condense. In addition, the use of fluorescent lighting often let old customer feel dazzle eye, that they can’t see the food situation. Recently, German researchers developed a new type of high brightness LED food even lighting technology, LED the technology of nitrides phosphors LED lighting and the technology integration, will be very good solve food lighting problem. Patch LED stents it is reported, the researchers have developed two demonstration unit.
Researchers use efficiency and plasma etching machine high density led strip, through the reflecting surface reflection realize lighting surface no glare expected effect. Now, researchers have developed using high reflection efficiency of aluminum coating the reflection lighting demonstration demonstration equipment, its lighting effect has already reached the uniform lighting optical requirements. Use of the technique can to vegetables, meat and roasted foods uniformity lighting, real reaction food natural colour.

2: intelligent lighting control device

The researchers also developed the 12v led light bars of intelligent control device. Through the sensor to monitor vegetables, meat or roasted foods radiation spectrum color west Sydney. According to the changes of the radiation spectrum, real-time adjust light intensity to the best lighting effect.

In the next stage, the researchers will focus on how will the two devices integration, design with the above two aspects the function of the new lighting technology products. The study¬†by the German federal actuarial-oriented “HIREFLED” joint research project support. Germany’s franco laser technology institute and Alanod, Alux-LuxarundBaero etc 3 enterprises jointly participate in the project development.