The government push LED lighting consumption

11 Jun

In gangrenous a meeting of the 2012 Asia LED peak BBS “on, Japan lighting appliance industry is director of headquarters that has been set up with mud Canon said, to ease the tension after Japan electricity phenomenon, by the Japanese government to implement a number of measures to promote the 12v led light bars, make the LED lighting consumption growth above 200%, in addition, he called for international development of the LED test standard, make industry has more effective judgment standard.

Mud Canon introduces, in March of 2011 F island after the earthquake, many areas in eastern Japan have not restored to power. On May 5, 2012, the Japanese Hokkaido Electric power company poison nuclear power plant Unit 3 shut, so far the Japanese all operations of the nuclear power plants to shut all. After Japan, 30% of electric power depends on nuclear power, nuclear power units of closing, more fueled Japan’s power failures phenomenon. “So all over Japan appeared rotation of the power system, once road traffic lights were without electricity, and, even will cease. Mud Canon said.

Accordingly, the Japanese government began to introduce “ecological points” plan, and to establish and implement green purchase, appliances safety, etc. Among these policies, including the energy saving of lighting facilities to encourage policy, about using the flexible led strip area, according to its energy saving degree of different, further reduce the price. The plan is began in Japan before the earthquake, but its promotion of postwar Japan still for energy saving played an important role. In 2011 Japan LED lighting sales a 268% increase from the previous year, and 2012 will be expected to again on this foundation growth of 185%. Mud Canon refers to, the year, LED lighting products sales account for all the lighting products sales of around 20%, and the proportion is expected to reach 42% this year.

In order to further promote the use of high density led strip, mud Canon also put forward should formulate the LED lighting industry international standards. According to Japanese lighting appliance industry association on the market of Japan 12 LED lighting products contrast test, the same product in the use of the energy department LED performance standards and use Japanese light industry association LED performance testing, the largest gap can be close to 50%. “So popular in international test standard for become very necessary.” Mud Canon said.

Mud Canon thinks, new international standards should be to LED products light performance standards for specific parameters, such as flux, color temperature, service life etc, and to offer consumers understood instructions, and used in the difference between different kinds of LED products.


Lighting use LED products have to solve technical problems

8 Jun

Lighting in need of W white led strip products to power level realized industrialization, must solve technical problems are as follows:
(1) powder coating quantity control. LED chip + phosphor processing adopts the glue method, usually is mixed with glue and phosphor after the distributor on the chip. In the operating process, because of the carrier adhesive viscosity is dynamic parameters, greater than the carrier and the proportion of phosphor glue to produce precipitation and distributor precision the influence of factors, the process of phosphor coating quantity uniformity of the control has difficulty, led to the inhomogeneity of the white light color.
(2) chip photoelectric parameters between cooperation. The characteristics of the semiconductor technology, decided the same materials the same wafer chips may exist between optical parameters (such as the wavelength, the light intensity) and electrical parameters (such as the forward voltage) of the differences. RGB three colors chips are this, for the white light chromaticity parameters influence. This is the key to solve the industrialization must be one of the technologies.
(3) Color light controls parameters. Different USES of products, the color white Flexible LED Strip Lights to coordinate, color temperature, color rendering, light power (or light intensity) of light and space distribution and so different demand. The control of the above parameters involved in product structure and technology methods, materials and so on various factors. In the industrialized production, to the above factors control, application for compliance with requirements and the sex good product is very important.
White LED the purpose of the research is to achieve high efficiency, high power, the long life devices. The technical problems are: to lower the defect density, and improve the ohm contact and electric field uniformity and increase the rate, reduce the temperature rise out, etc. In the study of the major measures taken are: the lateral growth, matching substrates, packaging technology improvement, etc.
At present, in the substrate, chip technology and white LED chip extension of the device in such aspects as production technology has made great progress. In the sapphire, because it does not match the substrate, so take a lateral extension technology, and to make performance made bigger improvement. At present the research progress of chip result is:
(1) the substrate based on sapphire blue, green, violet and uv LED for best performance at present is to take lateral growth in technology based on made, purpose is to reduce the dislocation density, blue, violet device outside of quantum efficiency is about 40%, but the green, uv device is about 15%, respectively from the target is two to six times. Based on the chip in the white light of the improved performance depends on the phosphor and packaging technology improvement.
(2) in the silicon carbide because the device has more small dislocation density, based on the substrate of each color LED performance is still better than sapphire substrates of lateral growth LED performance, but because the substrate is your 7 to 10 times Sapphire, the performance optimization research work for relatively less.
(3) respectively with silicon carbide and alumina and GaN and sapphire as substrate do during the light contrast experiment shows that their ultraviolet light characteristics, the difference between the order of magnitude, with that of the substrate based on low defect density LED may get the best luminous property (including lumens efficiency and single pipe to generate data).
To realize efficient white LED lighting system of practical, semiconductor lighting the main contents include:
(1) study to use UV-LED AIN, GaN etc of the center for the semiconductor compound emitting mechanism.
(2) to improve blue, UV-LED the extension of growth technique.
(3) are the development of homogeneous extension board.
(4) the development of efficient RGB phosphors white high density led system and practical.
White LED lighting goal is the development direction of: in lighting colour temperature area, realize the specular highlights, high photosynthetic efficiency, high show color index and low cost and the uniform color white LED. In recent years, the industry began to adopt a large number of white LED alternative CCFL LCD back lighting and EL as the (background lighting abbreviation). Compared with CCFL, EL, white LED has the following advantages:
(1) can make more vivid color LCD, with white light of LED back lighting NTSC levels reached 130%, and CCFL is only 70%
(2) are the expansion of the levels that the LCD image more saturated, more vivid color; Can make the LCD thinner thickness, in 18 inches (1 inch = 2.54cm) LCD modules, white LED back lighting thickness for four to nm. CCFL is 8-l2mm.
(3) life is long, can reach 50000 h.
(4) The accord with environmental protection requirement, white LED contains no mercury.
(3) compared with EL lighting. White LED back lighting won’t produce interference.
Lighting source a basic requirement, is to adapt to the eyes of the people need, and the eyes of characteristics to match demand. Now there are two ways: one is through the blackbody radiation, 2 it is through the different colored light synthesis.
According to the principle of incandescent lamp made blackbody radiation, because the color temperature can’t too high, most of the energy into the infrared radiation, and make the luminous efficiency is reduced, different colored light synthesis BaiGuangYou different synthesis method, can be two, three or more kinds of colored light synthesis white light, the color kind of use, and it is the pixel high, but lower lumen efficiency, this and for the synthesis of white light the quality requirements of the relevant. Generally speaking, with RGB three colored light synthesis BaiGuangKe at the same time satisfy the luminous efficiency, show color index, color temperature requirements, etc. The theoretical analysis shows that if the color temperature for 6500 K, show color index greater than 90, only when the three colors respectively for 455 nm wavelength, 530 nm and 610 nm, white light lumens of synthesis of the highest efficiency, can reach 300 lm/W.

Fiber optic lighting and LED lighting the characteristics and applications of the field

7 Jun

Now, in the concept of green lighting advocated by, all kinds of lighting technology constantly emerging, fiber optic lighting and led strip as new lighting technology, always walk in front of the green lighting area era.

A, fiber optic lighting

Fiber optic lighting is in recent years to a new way of lighting. Because some of the optical fiber itself have the unique physical characteristics, fiber optic lighting is application in interior decoration lighting, local lighting, billboard lighting, effect of building public area leading outdoor lighting, outdoor and indoor lighting and underwater building outline and facade of lighting, and have achieved good lighting effect. Fiber optic lighting system is made of a light source, reflector, colour filter composition and the optical fiber. When light source through the reflector, forming a bunch of approximately parallel light. Because colour filter function, and will become the beam of light color. When the beam of light to enter optical fiber, light color with the path of the optical fiber to the scheduled place. Caused by the loss in transit, so light sources generally are strong. Commonly used light source is 150 ~ 250 W or so. And in order to obtain approximate parallel beams, and shine point should be as low as possible, similar to point light source. Reflector is access to approximate the important factor parallel beams. So generally uses the spherical reflector. Colour filter is to change the color beams parts. According to the need, with exchange different color filter is obtained the corresponding colored light source. Optical fiber optic lighting system is the main body. Optical fiber is the role of optical transmission or launch into a predetermined place. The optical fiber divided into light and body shines two kinds. The former is beamed to end, through the tail lamp lighting, and the latter is itself lights, from a root flexible beam. Optical fibers material terms, must be in the visible range, light energy should be minimal loss, in order to ensure the quality of illumination. But not actually may not have loss, so optical fiber transmission distance is about 30 m or so is the best.

Fiber optic lighting features:

1. A single light source can have more of the same shine some light characteristics.

2. Easy to replace light source, and easy maintenance.

3. The lighter can be placed in the position of the non-professional workers hard to reach. So has the destructive.

4. No ultraviolet rays, infrared light, can reduce for some items such as cultural relics, textiles damage.

5. Shine some miniaturization, lightweight, easy to replace, installation, can be made into very small size, placed in glass or other small glowing object form of special decorative lighting.

6. No electromagnetic interference, can be used in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) room, radar control room, etc have electromagnetic shielding requirements within the special places.

7. No em, no electric shock risk, can be used in the chemical, oil, gas platform, fountain pool, swimming pool, etc have a fire, explosive dangerous or moisture to special places where the water.

8. But automatic transform light color.

9. Can be duplicated, safe investment.

10. Soft easy fold non-friable, easy to be processed into all kinds of different pattern. Fever lower than general lighting system system, which can reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system.

Second, Flexible LED Strip Lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of can convert electric power into the visible semiconductor, it changed the incandescent lamp light and energy-saving lamps sank pigments tungsten filament the shine of principle, and use an electric field to shine. It has the following features:

1. Voltage: LED use the low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage in between 6 to 24 V, according to the product varies, so it is a kind of high voltage power supply more than the safety of the power supply.

2. Effectiveness: energy efficiency than with the incandescent lamp reduced by 80%.

3. Applicability: Each unit LED small pieces is 3-5mm square, so can prepare into various shapes of the device, and suitable for variable environment.

4. Stability: 100000 hours, light failure to initial 50%.

5. Response time: the incandescent light bulb response time for milliseconds level, is the response time of the LED lights for ns level.

6. On environmental pollution: without harmful metallic mercury.

7. Color: Change the current can change color, light emitting diode easily through the chemically modified method, adjust the material band structure and band gap, realize the red green yellow glow orange color more Syria.

8. Price: LED price relatively expensive, just a few of the prize can lead with an incandescent light bulb price is quite, and usually each group to the signal by 300 ~ 500 only a diode.

Three, fiber optic lighting applications places

1. TV conference desktop lighting

2. On the top, difficult to maintain high places of bearing or unable to effect of lighting

3. Building public area leading outdoor lighting

4, outdoor fountain underwater lighting

5. Building outline lighting and facade lighting

6. Buildings, cultural relic local lighting

7. Lightbox, billboard lighting

Optical fiber soft light to fold line non-friable, easy to be processed into different pattern, no electric shock risk, without high voltage transformer, automatically transform light color, and construction convenient installation, can use again. Therefore, is often used to set up the building of the billboard lighting. Compared with the traditional neon lights, fiber optic lighting has obvious use performance advantage.

Four, the LED application fields

1. The signal indicates to the application.

2. Display application: sign, billboards, big screen display, etc.

3. Lighting applications:

A, portable lamps and lanterns: a flashlight, head lamp, miners lamp, driving lamp, etc.

B, car with lights: High set the brake lights, the brake lights, lights, but such as light, high power LED has been widely used for automotive lighting.

C, special lighting: solar garden light, solar street lamps, underwater light, etc. Due to the small size LED, facilitate dynamic brightness and color control, so is better suited for building decoration lighting.

D, backlit lighting: the common electronic equipment function display back light, notebook computer back light, large size large size LCD display QiBei light source, LED for mobile phone shows back light is LED one of the most widely applied fields.

E, projection light source: projectors with RGB light source.

F, general lighting: all kinds of general lighting, lighting light source.

Because fiber optic lighting and high density led have essential difference, and expressive effect also each has his strong point, so in sales market also have each lay particular stress on. Although fiber optic lighting is now in the possession of lighting industry market share proportion is not too much, but it is proportional to the accelerated growth. According to the characteristics of the fiber optic lighting, fiber optic lighting sales market main face decorative lighting, lighting, artistic lighting and entertainment special lighting.

As a new LED light source, from the current development trend and in the concept of green lighting, LED lamps and lanterns in recent years more and more kinds of product development, market share is rising. However, because of the high power LED technology is not mature and white LED cost cannot effectively come down, so LED lamps and lanterns in the lighting area can’t effective development.

LED optoelectronic devices cold light source and the difference between the heat source

6 Jun

Cold light source: Cold light source is the use of chemical energy, electric power, stimulate the

light source of organisms (firefly, neon lights, LED, etc.). Has very good optics, become flash

characteristics, led strip lights. Objects shine, LED

optoelectronic components, its temperature is not better than the environment temperature is high,

the LED display, this kind of glowing call for cold light source, such as LED by the electronic

hole is to composite luminescence. Strictly speaking, LED two Aurora is electroluminescent also

have heat generation, it is relatively incandescent lamp etc for a low light source. LED light

conversion efficiency is about 30%, within about 70% of quantum efficiency (close to the

theoretical limit), and the quantum efficiency around 50%. (This is the experimental data, and is

not accurate value)
Hot Light source: use the LED Light

Barssource of heat stimulus, such as an incandescent lamp in the 3000-4000 K temperature

thermal radiation to shine. Incandescent lamp has 80-90% of energy conversion can heat energy,

about 10% of the energy conversion to light energy, lighting planning and design. So the luminous

efficiency is low. We are not according to the temperature of the shell lamps to define for cold

light source, or a heat source, LED lamp tunnel renovation. The lamps and lanterns of the

surrounding temperature, can judge the quality of heat lamps and measures.
Cold light and heat difference between light source, LED Fluorescent, we not only from the definition up

divisional. In fact we say the cold light and are not a process of light does not produce heat, but

that is not the way by heat energy light conversion to light energy. Incandescent lamp is typical

electrical energy into heat energy by, then heat energy into light energy of the process, Beijing

LED tunnel light. Heat loss is higher. The luminous efficiency low, at current led the white light

of the development trend of cold light source the light source alternative hot era has to not far

away. So we can put the LED as a cold light source.

LED flash drive circuit design

5 Jun

On the market to increase each year, are hundreds of phone, the basic function of these cell phones are all the same, that is communication. The design is to increase mobile phone around mobile phone additional function, increase selling point and mobile phone RunDian inti the main way. The main difference between different mobile phone lives in peripheral functions, such as appearance, color screen brightness, multimedia function.

Now the market led strip lighting controller are integrated in the control circuit and boost switch tube, but inductor and used in the free-wheeling scuttle diodes or external, this increases the complexity of the circuit, cost and PCB area. In addition, because flash flooding power circuit, LED, display screen, mobile phone in the general mobile phone, and the phone of the circuit get close, so effectively prevent driving circuit the inductance of the EMI interference is also a very important question.

Charge pump adopts the capacitance for energy storage components, the charge pump don’t need external inductance, so that there is no problem of electromagnetic interference. In addition, the solution of the area of the PCB is small, but the relatively low efficiency. Because flash working time is very short, duration general for 100 ~ 300 ms, so for the battery life of the efficiency of the effect is not too big.

LED flash drive circuit design

Sioux company based on the charge pump working mode flash

Sioux flash drive series of products to the peripheral circuit is very simple, just need three capacitance two resistance, which Rsense and RSET to set the flash mode and ChangLiang mode LED current.

1. The SP6685 ChangLiang Mode:

SP6685 for constant flow type drive chip, in ChangLiang mode of 50 feet FB tube voltage Mv (typical values), this current on the LED to:

ILED = 50 mV/Rsense

Need to point out is, because FB voltage of 50 mA, so even if through the carrying 200 mA current, Rsense consumption of power for:

Rsense = 50 mV200mA = 0.01 W

This shows, with only 0603 package SMD resistor can meet the requirements. But in the constant pressure output work mode driver a circuit, the current limit resistance must select bigger encapsulation. The LED the forward voltage is commonly 3 V 4 V when the output voltage of 5 V, add in the current limit that the voltage across to 1 V 2 V, assuming that flash current 200 mA, the SFCL power consumption for:

PR = UI = (1 V ∽ 2 V) 0.2 A = 0.2 W ∽ 0.4 W

Then must use four 1206 package SMD resistor. Using a 0603 compared SP6685 resistance. The PCB area increases greatly.

With the constant pressure of the output charge pump, compared with SP6685 efficiency advantages.

The charge pump efficiency η depends on the input voltage VinLED positive voltage Vf and boost multiples K (1 X, 1.5 X, 2 X), the equations for:

?? = Vf / (Vink)

Because mobile phone batteries work range 3.6 V 4.2 V, when the output voltage of 5 V, charge pump must work in the booster mode, namely K must for or 2. And in fact, when the input voltage is higher than the forward voltage Vf certain LED amplitude, the charge pump can work at 1 X mode, then the power will be considerably more than the 1.5 X and 2 X model of efficiency.

2. SP6685 flash mode:

SP6685 flash mode voltage from RSET FB decision, computation formula is as follows:

VFB = (1.26 VRSET) 11.2 k Ω

Among them, the 1.26 V is chip internal reference voltage, current limit in the internal resistance. So, the LED on the current for:

ILED = VFB/Rsense

Because the current is not LED Tube by RSET, so almost no power consumption, can choose 0603 or 0402 chip resistors. In the flash drive circuit scheme, need only two chip resistors and three 0805 chip resistors, the PCB area is 5.43mm, with the minimum volume.

Comprehensive mentioned, the flash drive Sipex company series products have many advantages, including: the current control mode, can accurately control LED current on the and brightness; Peripheral devices at least, the minimum needed for packaging; Switch the highest frequency, can choose smaller net value filter capacitance and charge pump capacitor;

Don’t need inductance, won’t produce EMI interference problems; Can work at 1 X mode and low voltage feedback to 50 mV, so SP7685/6685/6686 of the efficiency in the use of charge pump mode for the chip supreme; SP7685 built-in Timeout function, in flash mode after 2.5 seconds automatic shutdown, thus protecting LED, flexible led strip lighting to avoid overheating; Provide the maximum driving current ($1.2 A), and 700 mA, 400 mA different levels of drive chip for choice.

Look from the market demand of LED lighting circuit design

4 Jun

Although the potential value of mini led light bars after, industry also LED chips in input in many heart, but is circuit design is concerned, it is still drive LED light source important role, even if chip and packaging for better, circuit design is not in vain, summarized to see, LED lighting circuit design is still not to take off a volume, cost of several basic points, but also is the important reference PFC indexes.
From the whole LED lighting system of to observe, LED chips and assembly field accounts for the overall cost quite high proportion, however, although the proportion of circuit design is not high, but, after all, is the relationship between the carbon save energy demand, how in power consumption can reduce power consumption on the system operators must become thinking subject, but on the other hand, the LED illumination also faces to the cost, service life and volume, and many other design requirements, at the same time are facing many requirements of the situation, the system operators will also pressure on to the semiconductor industry, also let semiconductor company in solutions also faced some provide challenge. Asian beauty semiconductor operations and consumer product marketing manager LinZhiYan career group of technology that he himself observation, lighting operator for circuit design is quite strange, this kind of problem, usually are passed on to the semiconductor industry to think of a way to solve, and lighting industry can spend more heart in institutions, optical, heat dissipation and appearance design, with twice effect.

Further points out that, because the lighting operator for circuit design is quite strange, but in order to match the exterior or institutions design requirements, the semiconductor industry to stand in the Angle of with as much as possible to help customers solve all the problems, and needs rapid mass production, in the development of the circuit board design, also as far as possible to the “immediate shipment” as the goal, as far as possible in the shortest time into the flow of the shipment.

Use different circuit design concept also vary slightly

The application field of high watt led lights in general can be divided into indoor and outdoor and vehicle lighting type etc, although these three fields can still subdivision quite a number of categories, but to view, circuit design and without too much difference, and the differences are more, mostly during the operation temperature, system volume, reliability and cost, and other factors. For example, indoor lighting applications, such as household or commercial field, will more attention to cost and system volume problem, if outdoor lighting, may be less need to consider the cost, but in homework temperature and reliability, etc, it’s relatively more important. As for automotive lighting, although no AC-DC component help, but after all the personal safety and high association, in the reliability and life on the also will be especially requirements.

Indoor and outdoor different demand

Outdoor and indoor lighting in the operation environment is more tough, supply the level of large companies fall, and the current stage of the outdoor lighting is also a more explicit standard, the expected future outdoor lighting to further growth market, still needs a period of time. But despite the external environment don’t talk about, in fact, outdoor lighting power demand is higher, the main reason is that LED lamp is more, after in series, power will also increased in parallel manner if, upon meeting conduction voltage problem, so if you are going to outdoor lighting development, the solution must relatively complete, can meet the design requirements.

Indoor and outdoor lighting will need AC, DC component, to the transformation of the AC/DC electricity, but still need the help of DC-DC to lit LED light source, although two types of components are important, but the former must carry up to 110 V or 220 V of high voltage, into the threshold for relatively not easily, the latter into low threshold, competition is more intense.

IR (international rectifier Company) LED are the department manager Peter Green says, indoor and outdoor LED lighting will choose offline circuit, and depends on the size and power of general application safety requirements. In the low power applications, not in need not use isolation antihypertensive converter, just need to separate but the return chi type converter. External devices may need more isolated, because they must be able to moisture proof, to prevent the risk of electric shock.

In the larger LED Fluorescent Replacement appliances, such as street lighting, the general power more than 50 W, related isolation type design will likely adopt a front end and back end level including the level 2 power structure. The front end level will provide power factor correction, and then the isolation and adjust level will provide current to drive LED load.

On the electric circuit design, outdoor and indoor lighting and not have too big differences, the main difference is in operation temperature, is about to 85 degrees Celsius to around 105 degrees, but if Japan region, may be as high as 125 degrees level, visible to the temperature outdoor work demand, the gateway is quite high. Outdoor lighting in addition to the special requirements of operation temperature, in safety hardly can compare with industry level, both in the reliability, product life or prevent thunder eager, etc, they are all needed to be considered outdoor lighting place.

Automotive lighting requirements has security is still a top priority
As for the automotive lighting, also can have temperature requirements, and the national semiconductor (NS) Asia Pacific senior market ChenGuangJi said engineers, automotive lighting without the use of AC (AC), is directly used 12 V DC (DC), circuit design relatively easy, but the rule of automotive lighting temperature requirements for roughly around 105 degrees Celsius, and the change of the temperature will influence the stability of power supply, moreover, the application of the environment is to belong to automotive field, also want to consider to safety, reliability, service life and stability and related requirements, so the difficulty of the circuit design is not less than other application fields.

Peter Green also added that the points out. LED by low drive car use DC power, the application in the tail light, in the front, and display a backlight is between respectively. Part of the application for, low current LED to use simple linear adjustment is enough. In other cases, such as in power relatively high headlights applications, you need a switch mode power supply, and can use several potential circuit topology, including booster, step-down-or step SEPIC. This LED drive needs to withstand car of possible high surge voltage.

PFC different requirements but direction to the agreement

Be worth what carry is, because (power factor correction) PFC also become LED lighting is one of the means reference values, the higher the value PFC, will let the circuit design more and more complicated, also in virtually increase costs, but this practice, also can sacrifice system area, this to home and commercial lighting lighting system has a high design difficulty, especially in Japan, PFC numerical requirement also has been on the rise, and this will allow semiconductor industry wits.

NXP semiconductors (NXP) the greater China area lighting products marketing senior managers ChenRong thinks, different countries formulate policies and regulations of each have differences, like a Japanese policy running time is earlier, whether T5, T8 started to import in LED light source, and at the same time will be LED lighting and intelligent or radio frequency, and other functions, in order to improve the LED illumination additional value, but also because of this, plus the Japanese have long been holds the key to all LED patent, if foreign companies to enter Japan semiconductor market, it will inevitably face compatibility problems, this is not all a line of semiconductor industry can do.

Chechen also further points out, recently in South Korea LED lighting, also have quite a few describes, in the standards set forth on PFC must also up to 0.9 above, the move, but also increased into the threshold, but because of the Asian region LED lighting development condition, mostly by government to lead, the improvement of PFC value, means that the circuit will also increase the cost, overall development, it is not very good, the future the government’s attitude is still Asia LED lighting of the development of the market observation indexes.

On from the application perspective, PFC LED lighting is indeed one of the focal points of circuit design, power perspective, 15 tile the following lighting applications need high value whether PFC, even can need not into consideration, this still depends on the needs of customers, but her understanding, even if it is 3 to 5 watts of industrial lighting, have begun to have the requirement of PFC, and its numerical requirements as high as 0.9 or so.

This shows, LED lighting circuit design, although the proportion of the whole system in cost is not high, but with the challenge of the ascension of no less LED the luminous efficiency, although different applications, and considering the design conditions also different, but can know is, the existence of PFC, has LED lighting is indispensable to the future of the elements of the circuit design.

Multi-channel more ideas promotion LED lighting

2 Jun

For the Chinese market is concerned, at present, the led strip lighting products promotion pattern mainly including contract energy management (EMC), financial subsidies, government procurement, engineering straight for sale on a commission basis, engineering distribution, circulation kind of distribution of six, the top five is the main promotion mode. At present prices high, also a difficulty of individual consumption accepted, not from common demand, so the sixth of circulation of distribution market than the minimum.
Engineering to sell goods on a commission basis: the transition way
In the circulation of distribution of mainstream before, engineering distribution mode is for sale on a commission basis of LED lighting products the main promotion mode.
Engineering to sell goods on a commission basis the characteristics in the ways of distribution is manufacturer only provides products and services, and business related business operations are the agent or dealers to complete, the produced by the expense of the account. The benefits and risks in the same, so the traditional lighting industry engineering category products have long-term formed some practice, the manufacturer must ensure that the agent or dealer a percentage of gross margin space, is it possible to secure these partner’s final practical benefits, so as to contribute to stable long-term cooperation. And the value of the original product LED is high, and the practice of the continuation of traditional lighting, manufacturer in proportion to the owner of the set bonus face engineering guided prices, so the price will be traditional lighting products in several times, and affected to some extent the market promotion effect. But as the price of the upper reaches of the LED, terminal prices dropping, engineering distribution model will be for sale on a commission basis of circulation distribution mainstream LED lighting products before the main promotion mode.
Engineering straight for: there are limitations
Engineering straight for having congenital limitations, manufacturer can only focus on a geographical area or a certain industry, completes the engineering straight for business.
Engineering is straight for, just as its name implies is manufacturers face engineering end users direct sales. Because of LED Tube products belong to a new generation of lighting products, the end user acceptance has a long process. Reason is that anyone technology major innovations to market products just, manufacturer and user information between are asymmetrical, especially product information, from serious asymmetric gradually achieve the relative symmetrical balance is the need for a certain length of time. Therefore, whether manufacturers to users of promotion or the user to manufacturer consulting, average all be using the nearby geographic principle or relationship contacts principle nearby. Thus, we can see the phenomenon are, almost all engaged in the domestic product quality and have certain bottom line based on the manufacturer of business for a long time, generally preferred company is located in the surrounding areas of engineering straight for product promotion and gradually expand mode market. But with the new products information symmetry in equilibrium, and manufacturers of sales area have been expanded, then engineering for more will be unable to meet the straight business development needs. It is a genetically limitations, manufacturer can only focus on a geographical area or a certain industry does engineer straight for business, more is not designed, not only cannot do.
Government procurement: demonstrative effect
At present, flexible led strip lighting products in government procurement main or local government at all levels, this way for lighting product promotion has played a significant role in the demonstration.
Government procurement mode, we don’t make the government daily needs of the fixed assets investment in the construction of the project into the engineering business purchase category, but only to the LED illumination products pointer special purchasing. There are “ten city hall lamp” project, all the energy saving of the national development and reform commission and led reconstruction project. The local governments at all levels have begun to try to use the LED lighting products, but because the government procurement plan funds have a specific process rule, it must be small range small amount to try again after the big project plan worked, arrange special financial capital of LED lighting products promotion work. At present, LED lighting products in government procurement main or local government at all levels, if in the original project construction based on financial budget change for the LED illumination products, will greatly increase financial budgetary expenditures.