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Led versus fluorescent will open up a general lighting market

25 Jun

Over the past forty years, led strip lighting industry is always the revolution of science and technology information striker, become the industry and the focus of attention of the capital market, led industry means striking the benefits of active: use new technology process of continuous innovation to build the smaller, faster and cheaper led lighting products.

With the improvement of LED manufacturing process and the development of new materials, its application scope expands unceasingly.
led tube fluorescent are about to hit a third round of general lighting bring growth cycle. LCD back lighting is the main driving force, general lighting times ahead. Conventional lighting market 70 billion us dollars, is back light 12 times of market and to 2020 dollars; Drop in cost is the key to open the general lighting. LED lighting has the lowest cost, but cost more than nine years of reply. The cost of less than 2 LED backward to 3 years. The market is lighting outbreaks.
LED market advance to see that started in 2000 LED the promotion of the mobile phone that fast growth of around 44%, the market started in 2005 saturated. The second round of growth was mainly coming from the application of LED backlight, began in 2007. The third round growth was predominantly general lighting market start. Our concern is the market at the open.
Expected after 2014 back light market will be regional saturated. We think the time node is likely in advance, so led versus fluorescent lights industry to the further development of words, need to get another breakthrough, the breakthrough is general lighting market, in 2010, the general lighting market probably at $70 billion.
Soft light from LED with the cost structure, and other lamps and lanterns to see, LED mainly includes LED chips, extension and so on, we think that the cost will follow the following LED five path, to 2015 is expected to drop 86%. The cost of LED decrease of 20% per year, a single encapsulates the luminous efficiency and flux every 24 months double, and 2010-2015 warm white LED the luminous efficiency increased by 135% and the corresponding costs fell by 57%.
LED lighting and a decline in the cost of technology of ascension that will make it in the overall lighting market to get better and faster development, the future will be greatly enhanced the total performance.


Forum of height of lighting engineering of international of the 8th 2012 Guangzhou

15 Jun


Gather elite of LED Light Bars, shares regale of illume industry wisdom. “Forum of height of lighting engineering of international of the 8th 2012 Guangzhou ” (The following abbreviation ” height forum “) will be in China on June 9 Pa continent exhibits Fair of import and export merchandise the house is held. As global dimensions the biggest illume is exhibited — the activity of the corresponding period of exhibition of Guangzhou international illume, this height forum will develop with promoting illume trade for the society oneself, continue to weigh a fist to hit out, fill solicit global illume trade many heavyweight honored guest participates in forum speech, bring when the development that is illume industry surely new upsurge of round of thought.

(H02012 forum of height of lighting engineering of international of the 8th Guangzhou by Guangzhou light Yafalankefu exhibits a company to sponsor, Guangzhou Yang Guangwen changes transmission limited company to undertake, got society of stylist of illume of Chinese illume society, Asia (AALD) , association of international illume stylist (IALD) with association of professional illume stylist (PLDA) is large of lamplight show flourishing, bright change the be current that transforms a project, ” whole is designed ” budding… atopy is gone to high standards requirement, current peak forum continues to buckle illume industry closely to develop pulse, pay close attention to lighting engineering of current whole world closely to develop new trends, trends of basis forward position installs a motif, everybody will share the industry of each senior, authority devise idea of gimmick, design newly, pay close attention to the zoology, efficient, illume trend that can last, the representing’s is the forward position of whole illume industry. X of network of LED World information,

It is with the person this led dimmable lights, the behavior change that combines a person namely and its surroundings change will consider the design of lamplight. Current peak forum around ” illume of 0 specific power consumption ” ” rational illume ” , ” healthy illume ” wait for illume to design a concept, shirt-sleeve technology and art, pay close attention to the change such as the person’s physiology, psychology and action, discuss appropriate illume design and can last illume, sponsorial health and safety, make illume rational return to, it is with the person this.
G0 from classical in we can acquire more, the forum of before 7 heights that turn one’s head holds successfully, we chase after abide to wear all the way optical track, not only have splendid speech, enthusiastic applause only, more important is the valuable experience that gains from which and information. Current peak forum installed case as always to analyse special performance, the honored guest of give a lecture that has rich theory and practice experience designs the illume with combinative outstanding oneself case, share each detail of classical design, ground of explain the profound things in a simple way elaborates respective research, think, statistic or viewpoint concept, discuss illume design and its work flow jointly.

spotlight led light to go to after a person of give a lecture and audience wait for the precious opinion of the respect to content of forum link setting, speech, current peak forum lengthens the time of every lecture to come 90 minutes, among them 70 minutes make a speech for the theme, 20 minutes are interactive communicating. Such, person of giving a lecture is OK more thorough, elaborate speech content systematically, and audience also is in the flower that has more abundant time to comprehend a speech, make active spot communication with a person of give a lecture.

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11 Apr

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