Purple led strip has bought subsidies

4 Jul


Promotion for you light up home led strip lights way

Recycling “green” the light bulb, energy saving rate is the traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp above 90% of the… Following last December 15 days late, in our province, the first 1246 lamp lighting LED street lamp “groups” in choice high-tech zone (west) article 13 new comprehensive lights road, choice city center at present in taste traditional street, gyro roots street and long the street put on more than 300 pilot light LED street lamp.

And dull light yellow high-pressure sodium lamp is different, long the street lamps emit white light, very bright. “They are powerbrite led strips, and compared with the traditional light source, useful life 50000 hours, light intensity of illumination, can improve the power saving 50%.” High and new technology bureau in the relevant person in charge of said, “an open switch, traditional high pressure sodium tends to be a two seconds to light up the street lamp can be instantly, and LED lighting.”

“Planning” proposes, choice will also this year in metro line 1 rail line area, people’s south road, dejection city landmark building and “quenching mountain-dujiangyan” scenic roads, national highway 317 line of PI county recently section, shinglier county and inject county and city industrial park, the implementation of the second batch of LED lighting demonstration project. 2011, the city center street lamp renovation, wear under tunnel light

A transformation of waiting three LED lighting demonstration project, in 3 years of promotion lighting use LED lights 385000 light.

Energy-saving lamps to light up with LED “Pandora” life

Yesterday, the decoration was closer to the end of the ChenYi in market of lamps and choose the lamp. After comparing prices, he found that a few yuan price as long as incandescent lamp, and plasmaglow lightning eyes led headlight strips is about 10 times more. “Before I move with a lamp that 50 W of incandescent lamp, and my friend home 10 watts of LED lights can reach the same smooth effect, the lights more gentle nature some.” Although both in price difference are bigger, but ChenYi or spend more than 100 yuan to buy two sets of household LED energy-saving lamps. “In the future, I will want to make the cost greatly save life” Pandora ‘life.” Chen Yi said with a laugh.

Now many businessmen, high-end hotels are already using LED energy-saving lamps. “Environmental protection lighting can also be recovery, which is beneficial to the second use renewable resources.” Ms. Li said, ordinary lamp ACTS the role of accessories plastic parts usually, “and environmental protection lamp ACTS the role of the parts of the higher content of science and technology in manufacturing, bulb Jacques force also does not exist, more durable, mercury will not release harmful gas.”

At present, in the LED lighting application products production enterprise has reached more than 30. Develop the sapphire substrates, drive control circuit, BaiGuangGao phosphor conversion efficiency and LED lamps and lanterns with independent intellectual property rights of the characteristic products, obtain state 18 invention patent. LED industry with strong technology support, electronics and science and technology university, situate University, Chinese academy of sciences and the morning of photoelectric blue HuaGongYuan etc in the extension of the materials, LED device, fluorescent material areas such as solid scientific research strength.

Investment LED industry how to take back the cost? The planning of the points out, all the main streets, small and medium-sized, down through the tunnel, the subway and municipal glorious engineering investment by the government of the municipal lighting project, set up by the government investment company platform, the market for investment way, namely the project investment or equipment from the rent every year to save the electricity into the pay, time limit for repayment is highest do not exceed 8 years.

Establish LED base make choice made products

Now, LED lighting technology matures, exceptionally high power LED lights, and the speed of the impact was rapid traditional street lamp market. Last April, choice approved became a national “ten city hall lamp” semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot city.

PI County recently determined for development will be in green energy industry County. Past November, PI county recently and high-tech zone signed a cooperative frame agreement, as the only semiconductor lighting choice industrial development zone, attain mutual investment group, established choice high-tech zone-chengdu for modern industrial port LED industrial park.

Recently, the western largest production base in PI county recently LED modern industrial port and put into production, more than 10 factories are LED to speed up the construction enterprise. By 2012, the industrial port will have LED enterprise over 20, investment of 3 billion yuan of above, to 2017 will be built into the western first-class LED manufacturing base. It is reported. This year will be in sand western PI county recently installed along 1500 light LED lights, and national highway 317 in line installed in the transformation LED street lamp.

According to the plan of arrangement, which will encourage each area (city) county organization within the jurisdiction of the construction enterprise or business unit investment LED lighting products demonstration project, according to the municipal government of unified demand of the organization and implementation of LED lighting products demonstration project, financial after verification in accordance with the use of demonstration project LED lighting products price give corresponding area (city) county 10% of subsidies, every year BuTieE highest do not exceed 2 million yuan. For industrial enterprise implementation of LED lighting products application demonstration projects, the energy saving technology reform project relevant policy support.

Will also encourage civic departments, enterprises and institutions and households purchase, use LED lighting products. Refer to state efficient lighting product promotion subsidies, the enterprise according to the following way give subsidies: public departments and enterprises and units purchasing LED lighting products, the city, the area (city) county level according to the two financial prices for each subsidies 10%; Residents home users purchase of LED lighting products, city, area (city) county government in the two levels of the 25% price subsidies.


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