Sunbrite led tube: so far, so near

3 Jul


Recently, China development and reform commission “phased out incandescent lamp, speed up the popularization energy-saving lamps” project office LvFang, deputy director of the national development and reform commission issued a efficient lighting product promotion achievement report, summarizes recent China to promote efficient lighting products of achievements and experience.

In “1025” beginning of promotion efficient lighting products for work in: national support energy-saving lamps production enterprise for low mercury energy-saving lamps production technology transformation, support enterprise core competitive led strip lights increase big and powerful; Promote semiconductor lighting application demonstration projects, in the different climatic conditions area, choose 20 semiconductor indoor illume application project, 15 semiconductor street lamp application project and 15 semiconductor tunnel project application lamp demonstration, bidding candidate list includes LED road/tunnel light, LED canister light, reflective since ZhenLiu LED lamp 3 kinds big, involving enterprise 28 companies the bid-winning enterprises of the bid price than the market average retail price low above 40%; release China phased out incandescent lamp roadmap, a decision from October 1, 2012, according to the power size gradually import and sales ban stage lighting incandescent lamp, ordinary through the implementation of the roadmap, will promote the healthy development of China lighting electrical industry, obtain good effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and can be expected to add lighting electrical industry output value over 80 yuan RMB, the jobs of about 15000, formed in 48 billion kilowatt-hours, power saving reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in 48 million tons of ability; carry out in-depth green lighting international cooperation, it is to promote incandescent lamp enterprise, the second is reasonable transformation promote efficient lighting products application promotion, three is perfect to phase out incandescent lamp, speed up the popularization of energy-saving lamps policy measures.

The next stage is eliminated incandescent lamp on

Luvian concluded that since the implementation of snowfall led tube lights, has made remarkable achievement: one is to carry out relevant policy research lighting industry, to improve eliminated incandescent lamp, promotion energy-saving lamps to provide support policy system. Second, strengthen incandescent lamp enterprise transformation support, promote incandescent lamp enterprises to realize a smooth transition. Three is actively carrying out cleaner production and old lamp recycling pilot, and to promote lighting industry toxic substances control, to explore the source of the waste recycling system set up light source by experience. Four are strengthening basic ability construction, promote efficient lighting quality enhances unceasingly. Five are to increase energy saving lamps construction of a network system. Speed up the popularization and application of efficient lighting products. Six are propaganda, expand the outcome promotion. On the whole, these activities to promote the energy conservation and emission reductions, optimize the structure of products, expand the consumption demand, drive the enterprise development and promote the cost down, the user gets a substantial, but also improve the energy saving consciousness of the whole society.

The next stage, the national development and reform commission will focus on the three aspects to work: one is to phase out incandescent work. October 1, 2012, banned the sale and import 100 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp. October 1, 2014, prohibited the sale and import 60 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp; according to energy efficiency standards, banning the production, sale and import efficacy lower than the allowable value of energy efficiency low efficiency of tungsten halogen lamps. October 1, 2016, prohibited the sale and import 15 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp. Two are to accelerate the promotion energy-saving lamps. On one hand, continue to speed up promotion energy-saving lamps, key popularized with low mercury, solid mercury technology and clean production techniques of high quality, the environmental protection efficient lighting products and increase investment in rural areas of the support strength; On the other hand, encourage enterprises to cleaner production, and carry out the waste tubes processing pilot, establish the lamp recycling waste mechanism. Three is to promote the healthy development of semiconductor lighting industry. Earlier, the ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology organized the 2012 semiconductor lighting financial subsidies promotion project bidding. Subsidized products including indoor lighting products-LED canister light, reflective since ZhenLiu LED lights and outdoor lighting products-LED street light, LED lamp tunnel. Subsidies for adult users each standard only efficient lighting products, and the central government in accordance with the agreement of the supply price be subsidized 30%.

The mainland market solar powered led tube lights the biggest positive is the government macro policy hotbed, along with the LED lighting business in the mainland of China promote and international companies to enter the Chinese market, China has entered the LED illumination of the development of the fast lane. And years of industry precipitation have built up some achievement, as this year in October from the Chinese market incandescent lamp. LED lighting will have the specification of the market. Environmental protection and energy saving of lighting products to enter the common people LED the house is not so far away!


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