LED industry: although urgent expansion collapse, but was healthy development

2 Jul


By financial tsunami attack, the led light bulbs from the supply of timely, in the second half of excess capacity. At the same time also hit DRAM and panel industries, indirect so that the original planning a big push epitaxial industry LED the investment plan suspended in oversupply LED industry speaking, will favorable crystal electricity (2448), the ladies round (3061), upstream epitaxial factory widening the competitive advantage.

Manufacturers in 2008 led strip lights the whole performance is not ideal, except for the first quarter small and medium size back light benefit from strong demand and drive revenue on the peak, the second season began to consumer electronics product outgoing lower than expected, the performance is looking after lost along the way. Originally market have great expectations of NB back light application, because manufacturers delay the new ship rolled out, limited contribution essence, upstream epitaxial factory for technology and more patents “look to eat less than”, the manufacturer low capacity utilization of the increasingly serious problem, the expansion plan emergency yells stop. Focus on the future and NB LCD TV back light market, in the first half of 2008 including semiconductors, panel and DRAM and other large group LED to the key into the components, was called out of a scale than a big, the market once estimated full stage bay 2008 100 sets of MOCVD increase machine. But just in exactly one season time, upstream epitaxial factory from “every day was running order,” into “everyday ran after the order running,” joint equipment factory is facing the same embarrassed shape.

According to research institutions in LEDinside statistics, Taiwan LEDLED Fluorescent won three consecutive season interest rates fell, profit decline rate more than market expectations. Displayed in the global recession, a legacy of the manufacturers expansion began to emerge. Industry oversupply problems I’m afraid of the second quarter of next year to get a chance to relieve. Looking ahead to 2009, LEDinside think global slump affects real impact on the LED related industrial chain. Reflected in on demand, bear the brunt of the consumer electronics, mobile phones and digital photo frame rate began the fix. Currently, only NB back lighting and lighting left related products for 2009 years in May be LED the growth of the industrial source of power. And manufacturers also feel demand slump started to shrink 2009 capital expenditure. And this wave depression even deters the panel manufacturers and the mainland LED industry related to the increases production of progress, perhaps it is relatively healthy LED industry the development trend.

At present the expansion of epitaxial upstream in slow down, there is an epitaxial factory had ordered 12 sets of MOCVD, he turned 7 set, friend of its rondo photoelectric so far merely bought 2 of the machine. Crystal electricity steps expansion has slowed. Now is waiting for the dawn holding cash. Legal person, says that unless the new lighting and NB applications can quickly fill excess capacity, or excess capacity, plus of demand, manufacturers in order to survive, the next step is the price war, it is expected the manufacturers gross profit margin will continue to decline this wave of the industry will be particularly long cold winter.


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