Estimated this year LED TV permeability is only 2%

30 Jun

Families with TV brands led light bulbs introduced liquid crystal TV. LED TV market will gradually become LED industry killer of the application. Say, if all liquid crystal TV into full LED back lighting, LED consumption quantity will each year than 1 billion branch of the mobile phone market in about eight times.

Due to the price is still better than existing LED TV liquid crystal TV tower above 60% above, plus LED TV back light module supply chain has not been mature. Plus 40 inches above the huge size making difficulty setting very high, most at present by a few Japanese manufacturers provide. In the higher cost and some of the components can be only by a few manufacturers supply, LED TV y109.52 to really some difficulty.

Conservative estimate LED TV permeability only 2% this year. The future with LED back lighting and CCFL module cost close, plus LED TV price to 2012 LED TV permeability is expected to reach 11%. Besides the global LCD TV LED to as much as 63% of mobile phone use LED usage.

LED TV in the market this year has become the focus of attention. Part of the giant brand estimated this year even LED TV shipment to achieve the goal of 10% of the entire shipment proportion. Further points out. Television brand manufacturers to TV specifications leading power will affect the change of the LED industry.

At present, the LED Fluorescent to the largest mobile phone applications for example, mobile phone shipments as high as 1 billion cigarettes a year of above, and mobile phone screen back light, flash, the keyboard keys and so on all need the application to the LED. Estimates that applied to phone number about 10 billion more than a LED.

If the LCD TV full import led strip lights (assuming side light type back lighting is occupied 70%, direct the type back lighting 30% computation), whole LED TV market scale than the cell phone market will be the big 8 times or so. His LED manufacturers extremely bullish on LED application in TV market explosive force, are also closely at LED TV market when take off to decide whether or not to purchase (MOCVD machine.

Conservative view this year LED TV market sales situation, LED TV on the market at present model and the traditional LCD TV 120 Hz high order model comparison, the price gap of about 60 to 80%

According to the panel research institutions Witsview statistics 2009 worldwide LCD TV shipments are expected to reach 114 million units. And this year’s global estimate LED TV in the liquid crystal TV market penetration at about 2% (figure below), mainly concentrated in the big size of astronomical order LED TV primarily. The future as used in LCD TV LED back lighting on the price and CCFL back lighting module spreads close, end products have slashed prices of space.

Plus small size LCD TV also began to import LED rear lighting, to 2012 LED TV permeability is expected to increase to 11%, when global LCD TV LED usage will be equivalent to 63% of mobile phone use LED (figure 2).


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