How to detect green led strip

27 Jun


led strip lights appliances, because of its and the traditional lighting electricity compared with superior characteristic, since entering the lighting after the field, especially in the current global “energy conservation and emission reduction” of the background, the application scope is acceleration expansion. Accordingly, manufacturers and users more urgently wanted to know the LED illumination electrical appliances product quality standards. This paper that is from that starting point, LED lighting appliances to the testing and certification of a popularity is introduced. Introduction will focus on CCC authentication is within the scope of the LED lighting safety requirements.

The green led light strip appliances to the important terms and basic concepts

LED (light emitting diode): A positive bias noncoherent irradiation p-n “semiconductor devices.

LED module: in printed circuit board integration on one or more of the formation of the LED components, with optical components, may be thermal components, machinery components and electrical interface, but not include power and standard lamp holder.

Leds: contain LED module and standard lamp holder of components, divided into integral (with LED drive) and the integral (don’t take LED drive) two kinds

LED Light source: LED, LED module and LED lights collectively referred to as the LED light source.

LED Connector: LED module based on the printed circuit board with the use of miscellaneous built-in fittings.

LED Drive: contains power and LED control circuit of the device, the purpose is to make work LED light source.

green led light strips and lanterns: can assign, filters or change LED the light given by instruments, which include supporting, fixed and protect LED light source the necessary all the parts (but not including LED light source itself), and the necessary auxiliary devices and will and circuit power connection device.

LED lamps safety requirements

First of all, we have to clear lamps and the basic principles of safety standards, “light to shine, and lamps light”-the use of light source by lighting a, lamps and lanterns is optimal light divergence, ensure the safety of the light source used vessels, and therefore lamps to light does not involve the safety standards itself requirements; “Lamps and light source separation, named for the lighting service”-a light source the light lamps use for lighting service, so the standard classification and named the lamps and lanterns and light source should not be concerned, and shall be directly reflects its service, ability of object and the place.

In the above two full understanding of the basis of the principle, we can find that, at present had the lamps and lanterns of the national standards apply to both LED lamps and lanterns, just LED some of the characteristics of the known lamps in the existing standard is in concrete manifestation, need to be further according to the characteristics of LED lamps, formulate LED lamps and the performance of the special and energy efficiency standards. That is, LED lamp to be put under in embedded lamps, fixed general lamps, will move a type general lamps, aquatic animals box lamps, power socket installation night light, ground embedded lamps in 6 categories in the lamps, the application for CCC authentication.

Here is the way to question and answer, solve LED lamps involved in CCC authentication security requirements of a common problem.

How to divide the authentication unit?

(1) installation; (2) the light source species; (3) to prevent to get an electric shock protection level; (4) the shell protection grade; (5) mounting surface materials, heat insulation materials cover; 6 the light of the control device; 6 points above the same, and the structure of the similar can be divided into the same unit.

Prevent to get an electric shock protection form? What are those?

Ⅰ Class-basic insulation + protection grounding; class-double insulation or reinforced insulation; class-the power supply voltage SELV + lamps SELV working voltage.

Power supply terminals should take the positioning and protection measures how?

General in the terminals on insulating liner, and adopt double screws, the purpose is to make the connection may from stranded inner conductor in decent shape a free conductor contact metal component (for power supply conductor) or live parts (for ground conductor).

Tapping screws in the use of any restriction?

Unless there is proper lock device (such as spring washers), tapping screws cannot be used in connection load flow components; unless every joint at least two single, tapping screws can’t utilize to provide continuous grounding.

How to judge which parts of the glass or translucent mask should be made according to the requirements of the fragile parts impact test?

Judge remove these components, lamps IP protection grade lower, prevent getting an electric shock protection is whether customary, ultraviolet light source and still sputtering harm protection was still the standards. If there is an a negative judgment, it should be them as insubstantial parts and impact test.

Used for hanging lamps charged soft cable has any mechanical performance requirements?

Should choose the conductor cross-sectional area large enough soft cable, make the suspension of conductor are not more than 15 force N/was.

Universal symbols or symbol lamps and lanterns have any requirements?

(1) mounting surface level temperature requirements: normal work thermal test and abnormal work in thermal test measured surface temperature of the installation of no more than 90 respectively + 5 ℃ and 130 + 5 ℃;

(2) the light control device type requirement: take accord with IEC61558-2-4 / IEC61558-2-6 / IEC60989 transformer and electronic lamp control device, no further requirements;

(3) and installation surface spacing requirements: at least 10 mm (lamps shell in light control device in succession, the light control planes device to the lamps enclosure at least 3 mm, lamps and surface of the enclosure of the surface to install surface at least 3 mm); Or at least 35 mm (lamps shell in light control device inside the projective device to control, lamp discontinuous mounting surface have direct access);

(4) with heat protector type requirement: take standard symbols and symbols (… is not more than 130) thermal protector, without further requirements; With standard symbols (… more than 130) thermal protector and don’t take the thermal protector, should accord with the light of the control device further fault conditions hot test requirements.

The need below what circumstance equipped with elastic line fixed frame?

Provide design or use the lamps and lanterns do not remove soft cable or delicate line (soft power cable or soft line, Internet cable), and the stretched out more than 80mm lamps, need to be equipped with soft line fixed frame.

Ⅲ Lighting fixtures plugs have special requirements?

Ⅲ Kind of lamps and lanterns can’t use GB1002 / GB1003 with the plug

How to complete the lamps installed loop?

The lamps installed only through the loop instruments or terminals to accomplish coupler.

SELV component can be no insulation?

Can. Nevertheless, if the insulation, it must be in accordance with related insulation resistance and electrical strength requirements.

Ⅰ Lighting fixtures in what place must be grounded?

And between live parts only basic insulation, and palpable (installation is complete, for replacing light source or starter and open) or easy and supporting surface contact the metal components.

In the insulation resistance and the thrilling intensity of the former should be how pretreatment?

Should samples will in the damp 48 hours, the humidity should be held in 91% 95%. Temperature is 20 -30 between any safe value.

LED lamps different polarity of the indirect vital parts have LED module and LED drive, the functional requirements conduction, whether do not need to undertake insulation resistance and electrical strength test?

LED lamps different polarity between live parts also need to undertake insulation resistance and electrical strength test, the test should be changed polarity between live parts of functional components demolished, make the test voltage added to parts of the insulation.

SELV, between the parts have creepage distance and the requirement of the electrical clearance?

Merely working voltage in 25 V the following, they didn’t ask for electrical clearance and creepage distance of requirements. Note that, less than 1mm slot, calculation creepage distance is only slit width; less than 1mm of clearance, the calculation of the electric space neglected.

LED Lamps endurance test with unusual requirements?

No matter whether there is work abnormal condition, with LED lamps are unified on durability test by 1.10 un, lasts for 240 h (routine work 10 x 24 h).

LED Lamps thermal test of what unique requirements?

Normal work thermal test use 1.06 Un (measured with the value parts used when temperature 1.00 Un), if LED module and LED drive connections for welding or not detachable way of terminal blocks, is no exception work thermal test, or use 1.10 Un work for abnormal heat test.

Can move the smooth degree of lamps are there any requirements?

Will move type lamp should not 6 tilt dumping; 15 tilt while the dump, the atypical work in thermal test should be in accordance with the lamp placed after dumping position.

The power supply socket is installed night light thermal test what special requirements?

In addition to GB7000.1 listed in the possible exception working conditions, with fresh mulch cover of night light abnormal working conditions, lamps should be in 1.00 under the Un for work or until 7 h damage.

On the ground of IP protection grade embedded lamps and what are the special requirements?

(1) IP65 + drainage device; (2) IP65 + IP67;

Include at least a group of the scheme, can have more IP level, such as IP65 + IP67 + IP68.


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