Buy led strip technology analysis

21 Jun


led strip is a high-grade indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, outside its borders by anodic oxidation by aluminum alloy and become, for LED light source, the whole design is beautiful lamps and concise, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effect, and can give a person to bring a beautiful feeling, for consumers love.
In the light of the panel of LED, the most important is the dynamic power supply. LED to the requirements of the power supply device driver near demanding, LED unlike the regular incandescent light bulbs, can be directly connected to 220 V ac utility. LED is 2 ~ 3 v low voltage driver, must want to design of complex transformation circuit, different USES of LED lights, equipped with separate power adapter.
Along with the progress of the technology industry LED and ascension, brightest led strip of drive technology also has been big advance. LED panel lamp drivers power constant current control technology progress, mainly in the following aspects:
1) chip peripheral control circuit of simplify ceaselessly, the constant flow technology level side (PSR) has been increasing maturity;
2) chip constant current precision improved, and to reduce the production of deviation, improve the reliability of the power of mass production provide strong guarantee;
3) are the LED illumination special single stage APFC chip to emerge and mature technology, make LED panel lamp power the size and cost of further down.
At present, the LED panel of the power transformer of lamp drivers, inductor parameter of the demand is extremely high, for the sake of precise need to spend a lot of money and manpower to achieve, industrial production cost is hard to further down. Through to the LED panel lamp drivers constant current source chip design technology innovation and breakthroughs, new solutions can be LED lamps in driving power practical application, the output current for transformer and inductor inductance of the quantity and the parameters such as VF LED too sensitive.
bright led strips constant current drive power of another hot trend is including automatic high power factor compensation, low harmonic of the solo stage APFC control chip. The United States energy star standard for 5 W above with solid state lighting specific clear pf the requirements of value. So, this year to the LED illumination lamps of a single chip manufacturer APFC level of demand increase greatly. New LED lighting special single stage APFC scheme is plus LED lighting lamps and lanterns trade demands.
With the continuous development industry LED panel lights and other countries to introduce the energy standard, and ensuring efficiency of conversion, under the premise of LED panel of the development of the power supply will continue to move in a small volume, less components, higher precision, is more advantageous to the production the direction of development, therefore, new power chip constant current control technology, and single stage APFC technology further improvement of mature, LED lamp panel for the promotion and the power performance cost down, a decrease in the size of the play a very significant role.


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