Juno led downlight industry at the shuffle

20 Jun

led strip lighting market demand for raising temperature, in 2011 the size of the market is expected to reach annual growth of the above, along with the LED lighting is regarded as the most robust growth LED industry future application market, all LED lighting of the layout of the company in field will become the next wave forces the key industry growth, at present, the LED upstream of the grain industry LED lighting of revenue in the proportion of whole about 2 ~ 3 into, but FengZhuangChang downstream steps of progress is differ, benefit is relatively slow appeared.

According to the market estimates that 2010 year led 12v downlight penetration rate in about 4% ~ 5.5%, and 2010 year LED lamp hair smooth effect though rate and fluorescent lamp is consistent, but 2011 years is expected to challenge the permeability 10%, luminous efficiency also have a chance to increased by 20%, and transcend fluorescent, because incandescent lamp gradually into medical history and government subsidies to promote factors, LED lighting gradually from the past (the type used, for example, to reveal ark lamp, plant floodlight lamp, medical treatment, and began to walk into the commercial, household Lord lighting market.

Part of the value of kitchen led downlights industry development potential, 2010 have aggrandizement illume layout, and with the TV in the fourth quarter turn back lighting demand light, also make the proportion of LED lighting growth, it is estimated that 2010 years the proportion of crystal electric lighting will reach 2, 2011 is expected to grow to 3 into, and Thai valley in the fourth season high power lighting is hopefully increase the proportion of to nearly, the ladies in the fourth quarter is expected to round to the proportion of 3 into lighting.

But LED FengZhuangChang bibcock in 2010 though light lighting launched their own brands, but the main business is still lay particular stress on the backlight application, the proportion of lighting. Only about 5% ~ 6%, and although that 2011 m light lighting business have the opportunity to grow multiples, is expected to contribute $1.5 billion revenue, accounting for about 10% of overall revenue levels, but still belongs to the low proportion of lighting, compared with 2010 YuDongBei points out that LED lighting products revenue of about 1 billion to 1.1 billion yuan, the scale has surpassed light, on the mainland in 2011, Europe, the us and Japan market surge in order, 2011 LED lighting revenue is expected to reach 2 billion-2.5 billion yuan, and rising stars YiDiSen is specializing in high power LED lighting, maintain the 3 gross margin, potential development is after is good.

With the new competitors are joining the market, recent foreign legal person named light, etc FengZhuangChang possible future expansion in traditional strong customer base face difficulties, or even lose their industry’s leader, in addition because downstream encapsulation competition is intense, is expected to ship in 2011 average unit price decline could LED, gross margin and impact. LED companies have argued that the TV back lighting and lighting will be in the future growth of the twin-engine =, but TV back lighting is in the next two to three years later the bottleneck facing growth slowed sharply, and LED lighting will be pulled the continued growth of kinetic energy of important industry, now LED lighting is embryonic stage, the future industry still has a fierce competition, the anticipated market forces will face the shuffle.


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