LED illume will develop into competition of core of market of lamps and lanterns considerable

16 Jun


Face tremendous market opportunity and competition of so mad market of lamps and lanterns, the led tube lamp enterprise of world big shop sign is increasing strength of research and development, new technology gains revolutionary headway ceaselessly, the pace that LED lighting engineering innovates is being accelerated ceaselessly. Seek the fixed position in allowing to consolidate in lamps and lanterns the market competes.
Currently, the industry that LED Downlights industry already formed the 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces that are dominant in 3 large area of the United States, Asia, Europe distributings with competitive pattern. The day on international inferior the forestall of 5 big tycoons such as riverside of acute of synthesis of cropland of chemical, abundant, division, flying benefit, Ou Silang high-end product market, this 5 big companies have distinguishing feature each in product and market respect, formed the industrial chain with complete LED. They use their the innovation advantage in new product and new technology domain, basically be engaged in the production of product of high additional value.
Each country government drafts environmental protection code actively, taboo incandescent lamp. Additionally, be worth what carry is, industry of LED of Chinese Taiwan area rises quickly in recent years, its chip crop and enclose crop to hold world first position. Data shows, the market share of product of our country of Taiwan is in the world 60% above, but its product class still cannot enter the first echelon formation.
LED illume already made the technology that gets attention quiet and industry quickly. In the meantime, each country government drafts environmental protection code actively, in the market and could double benefit stimulation falls, dimensions of global LED industry shows the sign of rapid growth.
The benefit clearly that led floodlights produces. Australia published code of taboo incandescent lamp at the first. The European Union also concerns the code that washes out the incandescent lamp it was being passed in March 2009. Accordingly, the last few years accelerated Ou Silang of company of on international two big conventional lighting and flying benefit riverside to be in the layout of LED illume domain. They enter the rapid development that promoted LED illume market, also quickened the pace that LED technology progresses at the same time. LED illuminative advantage is self-evident. Glow efficiency of LED lamp is very tall, life is very long, its glow efficiency can achieve fluorescent lamp 2.5 times, 13 times of incandescent lamp. Glow efficiency of an incandescent lamp is very low. The light energy of electric energy translates into of 5% only. The electric energy of 95% turns heat wave into cost. As the LED estate rapid development in illume domain, hope of conventional lighting tycoon makes illume product through introducing the design of new light source richer innovation sex.
Amplitude of rising market in Russia is as high as 166.8%. South-American market amplitude is made an appointment with 121%. Amplitude of the middle east market also is achieved 43%. Africa is added fast relatively slow only 14%. In each in a rising market, only eastern alliance market exit does not rise to fall instead, then last year the corresponding period dropped 8.6%.

Current lamp acts the role of the problem that the industry exists, basically express consciousness of strategy of long-term now development not strong, eager for quick success and instant benefit lack of quality of outstanding, product dominates action effectively, with exporting low end the market is given priority to, market competition ability is weaker, these since help the focal point that help up and superintends, also be industrial structure optimizes the difficulty in upgrading and focus. First half of the year, suffer international economy to anabiosis influence of interest good factor, shoeshine lamp acts the role of product exit to grow substantially compared to the same period, but in exporting a process, product quality lack is controlled effectively, with exporting low end the market is given priority to, market competition ability is weaker wait for a problem still relatively outstanding.shoeshine examines quarantine bureau from 2009 since second half of the year, the side that increased opposite to produce a business namely helps strength, union pushes new classified government measure, in a planned way, specific aim sends business backbone to help the enterprise searchs a question and suit the remedy to the case, encourage an enterprise to take the route of quality, brand. Since 2008, suffer market of high end of the United States, Europe to encounter second borrow crisis of the crisis, Greek credence to wait for an influence, many electric illuminant and enterprise of lamps and lanterns are developing Zhongshan with in low end the middle east that the product gives priority to, South America, east when alliance area, satisfy client low requirement blindly to seek profit, reduced the integral quality that exports lamps and lanterns. Among them, issue of energy-saving lamp, outdoors lamp, LED lamp is relatively outstanding.


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