: of jade brilliant photoelectricity? The road illumes solution of power of Zuo Umileds LED

12 Jun

Jade brilliant photoelectricity publishs the road illume that is based on LUXEON REBEL led strip lighting to apply solution China Shanghai in China – flying benefit riverside company of photoelectricity of Lumileds He Yujing (GSEO) announce today, GSEO is cooperating with LUXEON Rebel, development can use illume of new-style solid state and form of street lamp model on complete China road. The new-style street lamp of GSEO will be used in installation of the investment at the beginning of 2010. GSEO is the most advanced LED norms of street lamp (use LUXEONRebel Technology) dependability of more serious consideration, efficiency, easily compositive and medicinal powder heat energy force, these main essential factor make the solution of their solid state illume and conventional lighting photograph lower than cost and specific power consumption.

Through the choice one kind passes the reliable power of test and verify LED, innovation goes the engineers that invite GSEO a kind of such designs: Every are made of baked clay what the LED amount of 70 lumen, need decreases the least, effectively or eliminate a likelihood to cause a vision to disturb is dazzling strong light.

The company is used to obtain those who have patent to come loose hot design, can ensure the play of function of service life of LUXEON Rebel LED. In fact, its refrigeration system ensured the service life of this kind of product.

“The solution that GSEO is developing can think purchase brand-new road illuminative city brings enormous economic benefits, “Asia-Pacific area sells vice-president Alvin Tse to say. “We are expecting to be in what did not come to a certain number of in year, their design as will be able to is brought high quality, go Ke relies on road illume of the gender. Gulo Ke relies on road illume of the gender..

“The method that GSEO creates new solution is the flexible led strip lighting that chooses top quality, carry out the systematic design of optimization, in order to ensure new illume facility is the whole optimal solution in the light of its target application. “Calvin Chen of inspector general of the Department of LED illume career of GSEO says. “Its develop a quality namely as a result tall, life long, light distributings even street lamp. What GSEO wishes to be globally each district is municipal offer the illume solution that employs Philips LUXEON Rebel LED with the organization. What GSEO wishes to be globally each district is a municipal offer the illume solution that employs Philips LUXEON Rebel LED with the organization..

GSEO (Jade brilliant photoelectricity) limited company held water in 1990. Besides the street lamp, still devoting oneself to manage the sources of energy and the channel lamp that reduce carbon dioxide to discharge, floodlight and solution of illume of other solid state in development. GSEO is designed in mould and produce a respect to have rich experience, especially special skill is mixed at the design of a component of high accuracy optics, development make. Have these abilities to make GSEO can offer whole design and production flow solution for the client.

About Philips Lumileds

Philips Lumileds is a provider of the world’s banner LED Tube of illume solution High-power. The company always devotes oneself to to promote the development of solid state lighting engineering, raise the environmental protection sex of illume solution, the help reduces the demand that CO2 is discharged and reduces extend power plant, and the company’s lead illume output, effect and the immediate positive result that heat energy manages even if this respect works. The LUXEON LED of PhilipsLumileds was shopping, outdoors, office, school and domestic illume solution to offer a new alternative.

About Royal Philips Electronics

Holand Royal PhilipsElectronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) be advocate ” health comfortable, the diverse company of ” of high grade life, devote oneself to to improve the life of people through rolling out innovation technology in time. Regard the whole world as the leader of Medical Protection, high grade life and illume domain, the thorough knowledge that Philips is based on pair of client demand and ” essence at the heart, brief the brand at form ” is affirmatory, blended in technology and design it is with the person this in the solution. Philips headquarters is located in Holand, in the whole world 60 many countries / the area is had to 116, 000 employee, the sale 2008 obtains the company 38 billion dollars. Philips is in heart custody, urgent nurse solution of Medical Protection, as energy-saving as the family illume and respect of new-style illume application, and in the light of the individual shave of the flat TV of comfortable and high grade life, male is needed and appearance product, portable recreation product and oral cavity nurse the domain such as the product all is on world banner standing.


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