The government push LED lighting consumption

11 Jun

In gangrenous a meeting of the 2012 Asia LED peak BBS “on, Japan lighting appliance industry is director of headquarters that has been set up with mud Canon said, to ease the tension after Japan electricity phenomenon, by the Japanese government to implement a number of measures to promote the 12v led light bars, make the LED lighting consumption growth above 200%, in addition, he called for international development of the LED test standard, make industry has more effective judgment standard.

Mud Canon introduces, in March of 2011 F island after the earthquake, many areas in eastern Japan have not restored to power. On May 5, 2012, the Japanese Hokkaido Electric power company poison nuclear power plant Unit 3 shut, so far the Japanese all operations of the nuclear power plants to shut all. After Japan, 30% of electric power depends on nuclear power, nuclear power units of closing, more fueled Japan’s power failures phenomenon. “So all over Japan appeared rotation of the power system, once road traffic lights were without electricity, and, even will cease. Mud Canon said.

Accordingly, the Japanese government began to introduce “ecological points” plan, and to establish and implement green purchase, appliances safety, etc. Among these policies, including the energy saving of lighting facilities to encourage policy, about using the flexible led strip area, according to its energy saving degree of different, further reduce the price. The plan is began in Japan before the earthquake, but its promotion of postwar Japan still for energy saving played an important role. In 2011 Japan LED lighting sales a 268% increase from the previous year, and 2012 will be expected to again on this foundation growth of 185%. Mud Canon refers to, the year, LED lighting products sales account for all the lighting products sales of around 20%, and the proportion is expected to reach 42% this year.

In order to further promote the use of high density led strip, mud Canon also put forward should formulate the LED lighting industry international standards. According to Japanese lighting appliance industry association on the market of Japan 12 LED lighting products contrast test, the same product in the use of the energy department LED performance standards and use Japanese light industry association LED performance testing, the largest gap can be close to 50%. “So popular in international test standard for become very necessary.” Mud Canon said.

Mud Canon thinks, new international standards should be to LED products light performance standards for specific parameters, such as flux, color temperature, service life etc, and to offer consumers understood instructions, and used in the difference between different kinds of LED products.


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