Fiber optic lighting and LED lighting the characteristics and applications of the field

7 Jun

Now, in the concept of green lighting advocated by, all kinds of lighting technology constantly emerging, fiber optic lighting and led strip as new lighting technology, always walk in front of the green lighting area era.

A, fiber optic lighting

Fiber optic lighting is in recent years to a new way of lighting. Because some of the optical fiber itself have the unique physical characteristics, fiber optic lighting is application in interior decoration lighting, local lighting, billboard lighting, effect of building public area leading outdoor lighting, outdoor and indoor lighting and underwater building outline and facade of lighting, and have achieved good lighting effect. Fiber optic lighting system is made of a light source, reflector, colour filter composition and the optical fiber. When light source through the reflector, forming a bunch of approximately parallel light. Because colour filter function, and will become the beam of light color. When the beam of light to enter optical fiber, light color with the path of the optical fiber to the scheduled place. Caused by the loss in transit, so light sources generally are strong. Commonly used light source is 150 ~ 250 W or so. And in order to obtain approximate parallel beams, and shine point should be as low as possible, similar to point light source. Reflector is access to approximate the important factor parallel beams. So generally uses the spherical reflector. Colour filter is to change the color beams parts. According to the need, with exchange different color filter is obtained the corresponding colored light source. Optical fiber optic lighting system is the main body. Optical fiber is the role of optical transmission or launch into a predetermined place. The optical fiber divided into light and body shines two kinds. The former is beamed to end, through the tail lamp lighting, and the latter is itself lights, from a root flexible beam. Optical fibers material terms, must be in the visible range, light energy should be minimal loss, in order to ensure the quality of illumination. But not actually may not have loss, so optical fiber transmission distance is about 30 m or so is the best.

Fiber optic lighting features:

1. A single light source can have more of the same shine some light characteristics.

2. Easy to replace light source, and easy maintenance.

3. The lighter can be placed in the position of the non-professional workers hard to reach. So has the destructive.

4. No ultraviolet rays, infrared light, can reduce for some items such as cultural relics, textiles damage.

5. Shine some miniaturization, lightweight, easy to replace, installation, can be made into very small size, placed in glass or other small glowing object form of special decorative lighting.

6. No electromagnetic interference, can be used in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) room, radar control room, etc have electromagnetic shielding requirements within the special places.

7. No em, no electric shock risk, can be used in the chemical, oil, gas platform, fountain pool, swimming pool, etc have a fire, explosive dangerous or moisture to special places where the water.

8. But automatic transform light color.

9. Can be duplicated, safe investment.

10. Soft easy fold non-friable, easy to be processed into all kinds of different pattern. Fever lower than general lighting system system, which can reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system.

Second, Flexible LED Strip Lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of can convert electric power into the visible semiconductor, it changed the incandescent lamp light and energy-saving lamps sank pigments tungsten filament the shine of principle, and use an electric field to shine. It has the following features:

1. Voltage: LED use the low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage in between 6 to 24 V, according to the product varies, so it is a kind of high voltage power supply more than the safety of the power supply.

2. Effectiveness: energy efficiency than with the incandescent lamp reduced by 80%.

3. Applicability: Each unit LED small pieces is 3-5mm square, so can prepare into various shapes of the device, and suitable for variable environment.

4. Stability: 100000 hours, light failure to initial 50%.

5. Response time: the incandescent light bulb response time for milliseconds level, is the response time of the LED lights for ns level.

6. On environmental pollution: without harmful metallic mercury.

7. Color: Change the current can change color, light emitting diode easily through the chemically modified method, adjust the material band structure and band gap, realize the red green yellow glow orange color more Syria.

8. Price: LED price relatively expensive, just a few of the prize can lead with an incandescent light bulb price is quite, and usually each group to the signal by 300 ~ 500 only a diode.

Three, fiber optic lighting applications places

1. TV conference desktop lighting

2. On the top, difficult to maintain high places of bearing or unable to effect of lighting

3. Building public area leading outdoor lighting

4, outdoor fountain underwater lighting

5. Building outline lighting and facade lighting

6. Buildings, cultural relic local lighting

7. Lightbox, billboard lighting

Optical fiber soft light to fold line non-friable, easy to be processed into different pattern, no electric shock risk, without high voltage transformer, automatically transform light color, and construction convenient installation, can use again. Therefore, is often used to set up the building of the billboard lighting. Compared with the traditional neon lights, fiber optic lighting has obvious use performance advantage.

Four, the LED application fields

1. The signal indicates to the application.

2. Display application: sign, billboards, big screen display, etc.

3. Lighting applications:

A, portable lamps and lanterns: a flashlight, head lamp, miners lamp, driving lamp, etc.

B, car with lights: High set the brake lights, the brake lights, lights, but such as light, high power LED has been widely used for automotive lighting.

C, special lighting: solar garden light, solar street lamps, underwater light, etc. Due to the small size LED, facilitate dynamic brightness and color control, so is better suited for building decoration lighting.

D, backlit lighting: the common electronic equipment function display back light, notebook computer back light, large size large size LCD display QiBei light source, LED for mobile phone shows back light is LED one of the most widely applied fields.

E, projection light source: projectors with RGB light source.

F, general lighting: all kinds of general lighting, lighting light source.

Because fiber optic lighting and high density led have essential difference, and expressive effect also each has his strong point, so in sales market also have each lay particular stress on. Although fiber optic lighting is now in the possession of lighting industry market share proportion is not too much, but it is proportional to the accelerated growth. According to the characteristics of the fiber optic lighting, fiber optic lighting sales market main face decorative lighting, lighting, artistic lighting and entertainment special lighting.

As a new LED light source, from the current development trend and in the concept of green lighting, LED lamps and lanterns in recent years more and more kinds of product development, market share is rising. However, because of the high power LED technology is not mature and white LED cost cannot effectively come down, so LED lamps and lanterns in the lighting area can’t effective development.


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