LED optoelectronic devices cold light source and the difference between the heat source

6 Jun

Cold light source: Cold light source is the use of chemical energy, electric power, stimulate the

light source of organisms (firefly, neon lights, LED, etc.). Has very good optics, become flash

characteristics, led strip lights. Objects shine, LED

optoelectronic components, its temperature is not better than the environment temperature is high,

the LED display, this kind of glowing call for cold light source, such as LED by the electronic

hole is to composite luminescence. Strictly speaking, LED two Aurora is electroluminescent also

have heat generation, it is relatively incandescent lamp etc for a low light source. LED light

conversion efficiency is about 30%, within about 70% of quantum efficiency (close to the

theoretical limit), and the quantum efficiency around 50%. (This is the experimental data, and is

not accurate value)
Hot Light source: use the LED Light

Barssource of heat stimulus, such as an incandescent lamp in the 3000-4000 K temperature

thermal radiation to shine. Incandescent lamp has 80-90% of energy conversion can heat energy,

about 10% of the energy conversion to light energy, lighting planning and design. So the luminous

efficiency is low. We are not according to the temperature of the shell lamps to define for cold

light source, or a heat source, LED lamp tunnel renovation. The lamps and lanterns of the

surrounding temperature, can judge the quality of heat lamps and measures.
Cold light and heat difference between light source, LED Fluorescent, we not only from the definition up

divisional. In fact we say the cold light and are not a process of light does not produce heat, but

that is not the way by heat energy light conversion to light energy. Incandescent lamp is typical

electrical energy into heat energy by, then heat energy into light energy of the process, Beijing

LED tunnel light. Heat loss is higher. The luminous efficiency low, at current led the white light

of the development trend of cold light source the light source alternative hot era has to not far

away. So we can put the LED as a cold light source.


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