Multi-channel more ideas promotion LED lighting

2 Jun

For the Chinese market is concerned, at present, the led strip lighting products promotion pattern mainly including contract energy management (EMC), financial subsidies, government procurement, engineering straight for sale on a commission basis, engineering distribution, circulation kind of distribution of six, the top five is the main promotion mode. At present prices high, also a difficulty of individual consumption accepted, not from common demand, so the sixth of circulation of distribution market than the minimum.
Engineering to sell goods on a commission basis: the transition way
In the circulation of distribution of mainstream before, engineering distribution mode is for sale on a commission basis of LED lighting products the main promotion mode.
Engineering to sell goods on a commission basis the characteristics in the ways of distribution is manufacturer only provides products and services, and business related business operations are the agent or dealers to complete, the produced by the expense of the account. The benefits and risks in the same, so the traditional lighting industry engineering category products have long-term formed some practice, the manufacturer must ensure that the agent or dealer a percentage of gross margin space, is it possible to secure these partner’s final practical benefits, so as to contribute to stable long-term cooperation. And the value of the original product LED is high, and the practice of the continuation of traditional lighting, manufacturer in proportion to the owner of the set bonus face engineering guided prices, so the price will be traditional lighting products in several times, and affected to some extent the market promotion effect. But as the price of the upper reaches of the LED, terminal prices dropping, engineering distribution model will be for sale on a commission basis of circulation distribution mainstream LED lighting products before the main promotion mode.
Engineering straight for: there are limitations
Engineering straight for having congenital limitations, manufacturer can only focus on a geographical area or a certain industry, completes the engineering straight for business.
Engineering is straight for, just as its name implies is manufacturers face engineering end users direct sales. Because of LED Tube products belong to a new generation of lighting products, the end user acceptance has a long process. Reason is that anyone technology major innovations to market products just, manufacturer and user information between are asymmetrical, especially product information, from serious asymmetric gradually achieve the relative symmetrical balance is the need for a certain length of time. Therefore, whether manufacturers to users of promotion or the user to manufacturer consulting, average all be using the nearby geographic principle or relationship contacts principle nearby. Thus, we can see the phenomenon are, almost all engaged in the domestic product quality and have certain bottom line based on the manufacturer of business for a long time, generally preferred company is located in the surrounding areas of engineering straight for product promotion and gradually expand mode market. But with the new products information symmetry in equilibrium, and manufacturers of sales area have been expanded, then engineering for more will be unable to meet the straight business development needs. It is a genetically limitations, manufacturer can only focus on a geographical area or a certain industry does engineer straight for business, more is not designed, not only cannot do.
Government procurement: demonstrative effect
At present, flexible led strip lighting products in government procurement main or local government at all levels, this way for lighting product promotion has played a significant role in the demonstration.
Government procurement mode, we don’t make the government daily needs of the fixed assets investment in the construction of the project into the engineering business purchase category, but only to the LED illumination products pointer special purchasing. There are “ten city hall lamp” project, all the energy saving of the national development and reform commission and led reconstruction project. The local governments at all levels have begun to try to use the LED lighting products, but because the government procurement plan funds have a specific process rule, it must be small range small amount to try again after the big project plan worked, arrange special financial capital of LED lighting products promotion work. At present, LED lighting products in government procurement main or local government at all levels, if in the original project construction based on financial budget change for the LED illumination products, will greatly increase financial budgetary expenditures.


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