Color rich LED stage light more let dominant

31 May

Rich color to stage light more dominant led strip lighting: LED stage light use more and more. Relative to the other light source stage light it with your own advantages, including live a long life, energy conservation and environmental protection, and so on. With high quality to listen to the energy-saving lamps manufacturers-relevant personnel introduces!!!!

Related personnel introduces said LED than incandescent lamp high luminous efficiency, lamps efficiency than normal bulb lamps is high, the efficiency of the light is much higher, 12v led light bars are used for stage performance to produce a desired color light, can give full play to the strengths of the LED out. This is why LED lights on the stage to use more and more reasons.
Stage light mostly used to red, green, and blue are the three LED tube combination to use, through the three colors mixed form of white light lighting model, also can adjust color changes. Compared with the traditional lighting, tens of hours and life expectancy of the switch fast, convenient and color that move light bright, energy conservation and environmental protection etc, and let LED stage light more popular. And colour change is the biggest stage light characteristics.
The traditional lighting tools is how to do color change: the traditional lighting of the stage lighting in the use of the colored light, use the lamps and lanterns of white light in the hair before the color filters and color paper or other colour filter method, namely from the need to color, only through the need of colored light spectrum.
Traditional lighting lighting disadvantages: because of don’t need color is blocked, injection is quite weak light, especially common blue light, it is located in the spectrum of the visible spectrum high-end, due to the characteristics of the human eye, the visible spectrum on both ends of the red and blue purple especially sensitive, a lot of the human eye sensitive light is blocked, the luminous efficiency is more lamps and low. Traditional lighting in order to prevent the colour filter high temperature fade, colour filter through the spectrum to a large number of infrared component in the blue colour filter through short wave long blu-ray, but also some long band of the red light pass through. Therefore, through the incandescent lamp with blue before colour filter ways to get blue light not only brightness is abate, color is not pure, it is difficult to make besides satisfaction.
high density led strip and lanterns in stage light advantages: stage need lamp emit suitable for glorious, demand more than general illumination change. In stage performance, lamplight to used to to set the stage, props, clothing dyeing, or create specific stage atmosphere, stage performance the use of colored light. And at present stage of light color is commonly used lamps, LED lamps and lanterns in the color performance than traditional light source. It’s red, green, and blue three colored light shine out by three tube, white light by three colors mixed, need a colored light, only reduce don’t need a spectrum, and sent out the color spectrum for can, in this way, the luminous efficiency greatly improve the lamps and lanterns. Especially blu-ray, LED lamp blue light equivalent to power greater than its brightness 10 times of incandescent lamp lamps add blue color the brightness of the paper.


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