Analytical LED lighting lamps bedroom design

28 May

Along with the further mature LED technology, mini led light bars will be in the bedroom design development fields have more and better development. The bedroom of the 21 st century lamps design will LED lamps for the mainstream is designed, and fully reflect the energy conservation, health is changed, art is changed and humanized lighting development trend, become a bedroom light the dominant culture.

The bedroom can lighting lamps and lanterns, and lamps and lanterns is lighting concentrated reflection, it is not only the complete bedroom function, create visual buildings of the conditions of the tool, is part of the bedroom packaging, is lighting technology and architecture art entity. Modern lamps in the bedroom is not only of the lighting effect, build the bedroom atmosphere is the main component. Use of modelling of lamps and light color coordination, can make the bedroom environment has some kind of atmosphere and artistic conception, reflect a certain style and personality, increase the architectural art aesthetic feeling, make interior space more people with physiological and psychological needs and aesthetic taste.


Light color constitute the basic elements of visual aesthetics, is an important means of beautification bedroom. The selection of light source directly influence the artistic effect of light, light color display lamps in LED display on art unparalleled advantage; At present color LED products has covered the visible spectrum, and monochromatic good, high purity color, red, green, yellow LED to the combination of color and gray (16.7 million color) choice has a greater flexibility. Lamps and lanterns is glowing sculpture, by material, structure, form and texture structure of the material form is also show art lamps and the important means.

flexible led strip lighting technology make the bedroom lamps and scientific and artistic quality will be better organic union, broke the traditional lamps side frame, beyond the inherent of so-called lamps form of ideas, lamps in the visual perception and form design of art creative performance, with a new point of view to know and understand and express the theme of the light. We can be more flexible use of optical technology in Ming and dark collocation, the combination of light and color, material and structure design of the advantage, improve the design freedom to weaken the lighting lamps function, let the lamps become a visual art, create a comfortable beautiful light artistic effect. For example translucent synthetic materials and aluminum into similar to the candle of LED lamp, can put on the ground, at the corner or desk, conception is contracted and relaxed, form of visual experience of light and convey experience, let lamps with taste and vitality into being.

Human nature

Without a doubt, light, and the relationship between people is an eternal topic, “people see the light, I saw the light”, it is a classic discourse has changed countless designer to the understanding of the lamp. Lamps is the highest realm “pressing” is human highest expression of lighting, the room without any trace of the common lamps, let people can feel light but couldn’t find the light source, reflected light and human life of perfect combination of humanized design.

high watt led lights product small qualitative light, can choose different combination of light color LED into illumination soft various modules, any installation in the bedroom, the bedroom lighting lamps light source may result from the ground, metope, window, furniture and decorations. Therefore, the future will no longer limited to bedroom illume a single lamps and lanterns, and will by single lamps lighting into no lighting appliance feeling the whole lighting effect of the pressing. Different light color and brightness to the person’s physiology and psychology can produce different effect, people in many cases don’t need very bright white light, may yellow or other color of light more suitable for physiological and psychological needs. Three colors LED can realize the brightness, gray, color of the continuous transformation and choose, make lighting from in general for a variety of white light expansion color of light.

Therefore, people can according to overall lighting needs (such as color, brightness and direction, temperature, etc) to set the lighting effect, realizing the humanized intelligent control, create a different indoor illume result. Even if the bedroom only LED ceiling and glowing metope, people can also according to their respective requirements, the scene, as well as to the environment and different understanding of life, in different space and time of choice and control the brightness of the light, gray, color changes, the simulation of all kinds of the light environment to guide, improve mood, reflect more human lighting environment.

Energy saving

Research data shows that due to cold light is LED, semiconductor lighting itself will not pollute the environment, and incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, compared to electricity saving efficiency can achieve 70% above. In the same brightness, power consumption for normal bulb only 1/10 of the fluorescent tubes 1/2. If use LED to replace our current 50% of traditional lighting, our country save power each year is just a three gorges hydropower station is the sum total of the electricity, and the energy-saving benefit is very considerable.


LED is a kind of green light source. LED for dc drive, no stroboscopic; No infrared and uv ingredients, no radiation pollution, show color of the high and strong directional light; Dimmer performance is good, color temperature changes won’t produce visual error; Cold light source low calorific value, can be safely touch; These are all incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp short of. It can provide a comfortable light space, and can meet the demand of physiological health, is to protect the vision and the health of environmental light source.

Because the present single LED power smaller, brightness is low, used alone sometimes can’t attain lighting brightness demand, and will be more LED assembly together become practical design of LED lighting lamps has wide application prospects. Lamps and lighting designer can according to the needs of the object and flux, decided to the shape of the optical system, the lamps and lanterns of LED the size of the number and power; Can also will several LED tube combination design into point light source, ring or face light source of “the second light source,” based on a combination of “the second light source” to design lamps and lanterns.

As a new type of LED lighting technology, the application prospect remarkable, especially high brightness LED more is known as the 21 st century most valuable source of light, lighting area will cause a new revolution. Since white LED appear, whether shine principle or function which other traditional light source unmatched advantage, therefore, the LED illumination has become a bedroom in the field of the 21 st century lighting a trend, the LED and traditional incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp together, for the bedroom opened up a new heaven and earth lighting. The content and style of design lamps mainly is light, LED to new light lighting design and development of innovation, from a great extent change our lighting idea, so that we can from traditional point, line source limited liberate, lamps of language and concept design can free play and a new established, lamps and lanterns in the visual perception and form of creative performance has a more flexible space of the bedroom, the illumination luminaries to more energy conservation, health is changed, art is changed and human development.


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