LED lamps on

25 May

The long life led strip lighting itself need good design, good materials, good process. Also, LED by other components and composed of products is also need good design, good components and materials, good process. To make it meet the real long life and low power consumption and less maintenance purposes. With LED lights beautify the environment at the same time, don’t forget the bad products on safe for the environment. If it is working voltage is not enough, or working voltage is too low will appear in bright lights or not enough brightness, if supplier problems that may for leakage, you can use QT2 test IR curve to determine the wavelength brightness with lead-free production, LED is requests the with lead-free, LED in a wave front when furnace can take time and temperature is limited, world class LED also can only take 3 seconds to 5 seconds of high temperature shock wave front zion Baptist more than 260 degrees temperature can’t.
Home to save cost LED manufacturers, generally provide spectral range is larger. Of the upper limit value of the LED lights and limit the LED lights have obvious difference. On this condition, generally more difficult to control. Because LED lamp is very weak, therefore, a WAVE general easy bad, but with lead-free homework, its temperature should improve a lot. Therefore, we must pay attention to for LED products, when the temperature increase, can affect LED to could not afford the state. This two kinds of circumstances, main find LED to solve the supplier.

1. By environmental factor influence and damage
Installed in the roadside or in the lamps and lanterns of the bridge by different vibration influence, the vibration source from vehicles, especially of the past overloaded vehicles. When a components or somewhere in the lamps with external vibration source resonance occur, to produce components or the destruction of the circuit. By bad environment (such as the sun, wind and rain, vibration, etc) the long-term impact, and artificial factors, can make the LED lamps closed structure from the original different degree of damage, rain and dust leakage and will make internal circuit from damage. If the rain and dust under the action of the electricity of the corrosion of the copper foil; The damp resistance to produce and LED the lead corrosion, etc.

2. Human effects of lead to damage
When lamps can touch the people to put in place, often by some people have intention to not intentional of press, shaking, beating or by carrying objects in the collision and damage.

3. The safety of product use
The above analysis of various factors on the use of the products will be 12v led light bars by a certain degree of damage, which in turn is damaged LED products and will affect the environment around you. This will cause a potential public environment safety problems.
A. fire malaises. When the damaged copper foil line in through the large current, when connecting wires solder loose this virtual will produce a local high fever, serious when circuit board overcooked make its produce carbon. The circuit board will through the carbonization more current and fever, so the outcome of the vicious circle, carbonized circuit board is set on fire, is LED the circuit inside the lamp fire kindled the wall of the results.
B. electric shock or shock hazard. Due to the improper design if mounting screws top end in the circuit boards of copper foil have electricity, and the other end Lou in the outside wall, when LED lamps installed in people can touch to place, if someone touches to screw cap will received a shock; Rainy days is more dangerous. If LED lamps were not damaged wall change in time, when someone touches to internal circuit is the risk of electric shock. Because it is different from the previous lamps and lanterns, is only the snail mouth bulb charged, it printed circuit board on both sides of the article is bare of 220 V electric wire, most people have not been established protection consciousness or aware of the risk. So, to install the 220 V LED lamps, or try to put in the place where people can not touch it.

In short, loose the risk of loss dropped or fall high density led strip are used to do most decorative lighting at night, often installed in crossing bridge, the street to the bridge, the roof of the buildings along the street or on the wall, these positions below is people often through the place. Because dosage is bigger, the fall happened chance will be large. Over time, the material will happen gradually ageing damaged, under external force, the vibration of the body such as bridge, wind, hail will increase the damage of aging fell. Shall cause enough attention and guard against, and to strengthen such inspection and maintenance of the lamps on a regular basis.


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