LED industry market analysed

21 May

Recent survey and visitor some led strip enterprise, after investigation and exhibition, and after deep thinking, feel LED the development of the industry in products in succession to insist, unremitting developmental, more to be unique pioneering.
The so-called inheritance is to inherit a generation artificial lighting products of some functions nature and use value. Such as inherit a generation lighting use way-habitual. Such as color temperature, brightness, installation, and so on, if no inheritance, completely change people’s habits, for product development will be difficult.
Such as ball steep light interface, we generally use is E27, E14 interface, MR lamp is generally USES the straight in with both feet, Gu lamp, fluorescent tubes, etc etc. All of the specifications of the need to have inheritance.
But not only inherited the development will be among the development also is the characteristics of application LED, in replace the functional lighting, and on the basis of a breakthrough to development, such as energy saving, intensity of illumination, color temperature, structure, even in the market, and so on, have a breakthrough development.
But the source of the development is??????? We want to keep back to the origin of the thinking about the problem, the so-called origin is the characteristics of LED, I was at my few articles have mentioned, please go and see. In the original point thinking, development we LED products, this is entrenched, there is no doubt that left the origin of thinking and design are meaningless and invalid, the design products may just hung the crown of LED, create a stunt, in the use of the function might not get a generation lighting effect, the LED industry of the negative impact of the.
Here we might as well talk about Flexible LED Strip Lights source matrix (area light) in the application of the street, LED is a kind of has accumulative temperature effect of the products, how can effectively put hot accumulative temperature derived originally it was the ghosts of designers, LED light source matrix has intensified accumulative temperature effect, so LED light source general of the flux matrix is not high, at most is also 50 lumens each tile, can not reach the general energy-saving effect, the lights have he yiyi? It is to use the name LED manufacturing stunt, profit for maker it.
A breakthrough in the LED industry to the enterprise, it will be through the in-depth thinking, LED to create the application characteristics of enterprise. But also can’t stay on the level of development, to be more a breakthrough, to make innovation, design a generation lighting products can not reach the effect, and application scope.
At present, the LED industry with the plagiarism, the male model piles, this contributed to the prosperity of the LED industry false that into this industry any enterprise (except the raw materials supplier outside) survival were tired, in difficult survival, that in the products of an production enterprise are LED products of the grocery store, it is a kind of Chinese phenomenon, is currently in the country very weak protection for intellectual property rights under the condition of this kind of phenomenon is inevitable.
Sometimes comes out before such a scene, in China, LED the factory is like a high density led industry flowers in the garden plants, users as bees. No one in this garden plant characteristic cuttlefish, only high and low fat thin and the points, high fat to capital advantage over other flowers plant on, despising the fang, but what are some of the characteristics of pattern and color? No. High fat flower strains of the squid color and pattern have any variation, other flowers plant will also in first time their assimilation, At the same time the flower of the small plant of the variation between, such as “like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, of pear blossoms” field of vision in the flower spread between plant, this phenomenon is called “the assimilation”‘s phenomenon it, the assimilation of other phenomenon that add more flowers a color and pattern, make flowers plant more diversiform colour and pattern, more attractive and more confused bees. Many of the colour, many pattern, increased the selectivity of bees, added to the attraction of bees, there will always be a flower is so two bees choose.
This spectacular phenomenon to attract buyers from all over the world, and, to some extent, promote the development of the market LED industry, so I in the past in an article in writing to LED the market in a rushed a rush of rapid opening up.
The phenomenon of the homogeneity final results will restrict the development of industry of LED, because the threshold of the industry into the low, made more of imperfection in full of market, give consumer brings negative effect, more blow creative company’s creativity enthusiasm, LED to the stagnation of the technology.
But for a requirements of the pioneering corporations, is not stagnation, profound understanding of the homogeneity is merely a “form” of the homogeneity, and “meaning” of the homogeneity in the short period is impossible, pioneering enterprise every moment to one step ahead. From other means speaking, a pioneering is not just limited to technology, if the technology and the market two aspects are pioneering, then this LED the enterprise to be invincible!
In short, the speech and in short, LED to seek the development and break through the enterprise must have the inheritance and development, and exploit the thinking, landscapes themselves.


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