Lighting LED packaging technology

18 May

China is a developing country led strip lighting outdoor, in China at present use pretty good also, the reason is the national emphasis on “low carbon economy”, in 2009 China implement all ten city LED lamp lamp, many cities have a experiment sections, to test the feasibility of LED lamp, street lamp China is application for the breakthrough, and foreign (osram, day and, samsung, etc.) are in the indoor lighting as a breakthrough, the two kinds of line who have an advantage more, are not yet to be. In China’s case from the street lamp lighting for first LED application direction, is caused by the national conditions, the reason is China’s national income is low, and the high cost of indoor lighting LED, common people can not accept. And the use of government LED street lamp is a silver, LED lamp production enterprise is to take a fancy to it. In fact LED street lamp working conditions than indoor LED lighting lamps more demanding, higher, if can do quality pass (heat dissipation, service life, show color sex, reliability, etc), so to make the indoor LED illuminator is comparatively easy. At present abroad in a giant LED out of hundreds or even thousands of the paragraph LED indoors lightings, the price is in 20-$75 between, power from a few watts to 20 watts. But they used the encapsulation of the method is mentioned before, the only philips, make the phosphor coating in LED the chimney, and in 2009 was named the most innovative products one of LED lighting.
The author thinks that led strip lighting that the manufacturing should be used more chip packages and module package (module package is a kind of high density of many chip packages), and is best LED chips in a light body directly package, so that the word of the thermal resistance number at least, get good cooling effect. Or in the main lamps made a copper foil line apply body, the thermal resistance is also lower, LED lighting power at least a few watts above, so are many chip use, past encapsulation technology is not applicable, must use the new method and process. Adopting many packaging good LED device to assembly LED lamps and lanterns, it is difficult to make out high quality and high reliability and LED lights, LED lamps wanted to work in manufacture of technical personnel can know this.
Two, phosphor coating technology innovation
Module encapsulates the phosphor coating, now see or will be enough batter coating in fluorescent directly above the chip, the same piece of module or a phosphor consistent, but for mass production would appear different modules with eyes see off color, is a better way is to use LED phosphor thin film or diaphragm, film and diaphragm can scale production, good consistency, LED lamp is chip packages, the light of the mixed with each other, after the phosphor diaphragm into white light or film, the color difference can be eliminated. On the film and the requirements of the diaphragm is:
1 through light, in 0.1-0.5 mm thickness between, phosphor even, exterior level off.
2 the efficiency of conversion from light to high, better stability, long life, good anti-aging sex.
3 but make it a piece of the yankees and no piece of the yankees, and made a chip can also be, see executive condition and cost. The requirement is to slice colorless transparent anti-aging.
4 processing molding convenient, size any cutting, low cost.
Still have a kind of method is phosphor and transparent plastic will be according to the mixing ratio, through the plastic injection machine and mold, directly produced with the chimney of phosphor, by the lampshade will blu-ray converted into a white light. This is more convenient and more convenient, because the chimney of the mixed of conversion of blue light, so the white light of the output is not off color, and the light is downy won’t produce glare.
Three, in order to better solve the problem of heat LED, lamp design and packaging should consideration together, will encapsulation and LED the heat sink into a whole, effectively reduce the thermal resistance of word number, this is a kind of very effective and improve the heat lamps and the measures.
At present on market 12v led light bars does not take heat sink, such lamps and lanterns is not do high power and high quality and long life. The right product design should will heat sink consideration together, industrial production is the radiator LED fluorescent lamp, with die extrusion out with finned aluminum of semicircle, again according to the size of the power to cut out the length of the need, then produce aluminum copper foil line, will chip fixed in copper foil, dozen gold thread connection or with help set machine help decide. The lamps and lanterns of such heat effect is good, only two way thermal resistance, the encapsulation of the commonly used method less than one to two way thermal resistance, effectively reduce the temperature of the chip, to improve the quality and life are LED fluorescent lamp can play a role.
Another kind of method is in aluminum designed on article ashdod, according to need milling out many rectangle, in use common (0.8-1.0 mm thick) according to the aluminum PCB rectangular open ChangFang hole, will PCB paste or riveting in aluminum, LED chips are fixed in the sudden rectangle on aluminum, garnish with gold thread will PCB line and chip connected. The production process is best, only a thermal resistance, thermal effect is best, LED lamps factory production should give priority to the this scheme, the second is to make the line on aluminum aluminum foil method. The only way to the innovation, can effectively solve the problem of heat lamps LED strip form, also can improve the quality of life and LED fluorescent lamp.
Continuous exploration promote technology, the future of LED lighting on the power of the sun is shining.


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