Sensor to make intelligent control LED lamps

16 May

Outdoor LED Lighting and lanterns and the traditional lighting the biggest difference, the led lighting is a fully electronic product, and the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns is only a electric products. So LED lamps can be easily and various kinds of sensors association, so as to realize the control of electric, infrared automatic control function. Such as automatic switch LED street lamps, with a photosensitive sensor can be simple to implement; Community garden lighting at night and footpath, can use infrared sensors to collect information of human activities, open and close automatically lighting lamps and lanterns.
led strip switch automatic control
Sensor signal acquisition and mechanical and electrical conversion as the device, its mechanical and electrical technology has quite mature, in recent years MEMS (MEMS) technology and will raise up the sensor technology to miniaturization, intelligent, muti_function change, low cost, big mark time to move forward. Photosensitive sensors, infrared sensors, and other types of sensor can be and LED lighting form a intelligent control system, the sensor will collected various physical quantities signal into electrical signal, integrated circuit of the may at AD (module) converter, MCU (micro controller), DA (d) of the signal converter collected the intelligent processing, thus control LED lighting lamps and lanterns open and shut. Humans can use this in all kinds of control requirements set the MCU, control LED lamp switch time, brightness, show color, color changes, so as to achieve the goal of power saving energy saving. Sensor and LED lighting system composed of block diagram shown as shown in figure 1. The current IC manufacturing technology has can will AD, DA, MCU integration in a 5 mm x 5 mm or smaller package, installed in both neither takes a area within the lamps and very convenient.
Scenery electricity Flexible LED Strip Lights is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting, the use of wind, the sun power generation, with battery energy storage, so energy automatic management is very important. Photosensitive sensor is an ideal for the morning, day dark (sunrise, sunset) intensity of illumination change and can control circuit automatically switch electronic sensors. Figure 2 shows is a photosensitive sensor appearance. Figure 3 is photosensitive sensor photoconductive resistance board, it to radial light and shade brightness is very sensitive. Figure 4 is the basic principle of photoelectric convert figure. Electric LED lamps and lighting system working principle as shown in figure 1 below.
Photosensitive sensors can according to the weather, the time and the area to be automatic control stores open and LED lighting lamps. In the bright of day through the reduce its output power to reduce power consumption, and when to use fluorescent lamps, compared with an area of 200 m2 shop can reduce the maximum convenience store 53% of power consumption. Life expectancy for about 5 ~ 100000 hours. In general, the LED lighting lamps life for 40000 hours; The color of the light also can use RGB (red, green, blue) and colorful changes of method, the market more colorful lights, atmosphere more active; And supporting the use of the yellow fluorescence body than the blue LED, supporting the use of the red, green, and blue fluorescence body purple in color sex LED higher.

Infrared sensor and LED lamps combination
Infrared sensor is by ir and detection of human body of work. The main principle is: the body of 10 μ m or so launch of the infrared ray through the usual Fresnel lens filter enhanced light gathered to pyroelectric components PIR (passive infrared) on the probe, when people activities, infrared radiation of launch position will change, this component will lose charge balance, happen pyroelectric effect to outside release charge, infrared sensor Fresnel lens filter light through the change of the infrared radiation energy into electrical signal, namely thermoelectric conversion. In passive infrared detector detection zone without human body moves, the infrared sensors induction is the background temperature, when the human body into detection area, through the usual Fresnel lens, pyroelectric infrared sensors to human body is the induction of temperature and the temperature difference between the background, the signal is after the collection and system existing detection data to determine whether someone is really such as infrared source into the detection area.
Passive infrared sensors have three key components: the usual Fresnel lens filter light, pyroelectric infrared sensors and matching low noise amplifier. Usual Fresnel lens has two functions: one is to focus on function, and is about to release infrared signal refraction in the heat on PIR: 2 be detection zone into a number of Ming area and dark area, make into the moving object detection/person to temperature changes in the form of changes on PIR thermal infrared signal interpretation. Normally low noise amplifier will match, when the probe of the environment temperature rise, especially close to normal human body temperature (37 ℃), the sensor’s reduced sensitivity, through it to gain of the compensation, increase its sensitivity. The output signal can be used to drive electronic switch, realize the LED lighting circuit switch control. This is a E27 standard snail mouth lamp holder lamps and lanterns, the switching power supply be the range is AC180V-250 V (50/60 Hz), infrared sensor detection range in about 3 m ~ 15 m, its standard products IFS-Bulb3W lamps of 80 lm, 5 W lamps of 140 lm. LED light source in the central part of the module embedded infrared sensors. Once the infrared sensor test to the temperature of the human body, the LED light bulb will in the 50 s in automatic opened and closed. Apply to any kind of indoor application, such as corridor, storeroom, floor 栍 and infrared sensor application of ultrasonic sensors similar in recent years to be automatic detection of moving object get more applications. Ultrasonic sensors, mainly using doppler principle, through the crystals to launch more than the human body can sense a high-pitched ultrasonic, general typical choose 25 ~ 40 kHz wave, and then control module testing reflected the frequency of a wave, if jurisdiction object motion, reflected wave frequency will have slight fluctuations, namely the doppler effect, we can judge if the lighting area move object, so as to achieve the purpose of control switch.


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