High power LED lighting industry will be the main body

10 May

LED is a new type of semiconductor solid cold light, it is a kind of can convert electric power into the visible photoelectric device. Because less energy consumption, and low thermal radiation led strip, high luminous efficiency, it is a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, economy, safety of new lighting devices, therefore, to speed up the technology research and improve the luminous efficiency to be the primary issue.
Outdoor LED Lighting to become the subject of lighting industry, including safety, high efficiency drive research is to promote the application of high power LED key. With the continuous development of LED technology, promote the white LED the coming of lighting industry started green lighting era.

Generally speaking, the power of the high power LED at least 1 W above, at present more common are 1 W, 3 W, 5 W, 8 W and 10 W; Known as the “green light” LED, are on A large current (300 mA ~ 1.4 A), high efficiency (60 ~ 120 lm/W), brightness adjustable direction.

Light characteristics

According to the principle of LED light, LED the luminous intensity with the basic LED current positive change. Control of high power LED light brightness, essence is the output of the flux control it.


Is the size of the current is also LED with temperature changes. Environmental temperature once more than a value, white LED the allowable positive current will be significantly reduced. In this case, if still exert large current, is very easy to create the white LED aging.

Current-voltage characters

High power LED is low voltage, large current drive device, when LED voltage change very hour, current has changed a lot. When the forward voltage exceeds a certain threshold, what say normally namely turn-on voltage after, can approximate think, IF and VF become direct ratio.
Flexible LED Strip Lights


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