The LED illumination: promote EMC need?

9 May

In the application of led outdoor lighting fixtures of the expanding background, the promotion mode appear ever more important, EMC pattern also more mentioned and appearing in policy range, just about EMC both support voice, also have “look very beautiful” question, then EMC now living environment? And also what is required to contribute to the better “flowering”?
“The list” of the real effect

You can see a lot of flexible led strip lighting enterprise and involved in the business of LED lighting energy contract management company figure. For this kind of change, a people in the industry say, in energy conservation and emission reduction become under the background of global consensus, the state of energy conservation and environmental protection related products is also very support attitude, and semiconductor lighting products it is this kind of product, and there is a strong market vitality, so the list of changes in reason.

“More than ever, in national policy support, the use of EMC and unit LED lighting have certain understanding and support, some energy-using units after the approval or very understanding,” a industry insiders said. In addition, although in the squad doesn’t mean everything is all right, but the list also seems to be to bring enterprise some effect. “On one hand the company with their own fund, have the option of using their own products do some EMC project in expanding the market, at the same time has the support of national policy, can say is double positive news. On the other hand, into the list also benefit to the enterprise and some have good product enterprise cooperation, and further perfect the development of the enterprise chain.

EMC of the “tiger”

Although policy QuHao, semiconductor lighting technology in progress, product quality and continuously improve, EMC mode also promising prospect, but its still not blossom everywhere results. So the current EMC what “tiger”?

Now by the energy conservation service company EMC (typically the LED illumination enterprise) to provide solutions, products and maintenance service, also means that need enterprise alone for the product quality risk and return on investment risk, the quality of products or funds are put forward the high requirements, “EMC will risk and pushed all the pressure to LED enterprise body, let alone the enterprise risks bear”, the personage inside course of study said. But there are also people in the industry say, take that risk to rapidly promote manufacturers product manufacturing level as a great role in promoting. Implementation of the project financing is also EMC was the place of enterprise pressure. Bank loans are engaged in LED lighting projects the energy conservation service enterprise financing main ways, but in financing guarantee there are difficulties. Have enterprise also suggested that said, in the EMC projects to a certain extent risk, the enterprise to follow, if financial strength is insufficient, had better not involved in too many EMC project, otherwise, it will take more stress. In addition, the measurement standard is not perfect, the third party appraisal institution is the current lack of EMC mode the problem of promotion. Although in the calculation of energy saving is by third party agencies for testing, but how to ensure that the detection of scientific data also has problem.

EMC need???????

As a kind of development model of, EMC involves many power of cooperation, and need to come from various aspects to cooperate, “energy-using units to the enthusiasm of mode to use to help thrust, should intensify the energy dissipation of energy saving strength assessment unit set up as soon as possible, at the same time, the third party appraisal institution, perfect the metrological standard.” A business people have said.

And for the implementation of EMC financial pressure, some enterprise expressed the hope that the government increased support, especially energy saving money, subsidies, technical support fund support, the government should promote the establishment of EMC of financing guarantee platform, and encourage Banks to participate in, such as the implementation of the project to the EMC of preferential enterprise loan interest rate, etc. The product quality is very important in the operation of EMC ring, some enterprises that LED to the street lamp of EMC mode still there is much more difficult, technology is at risk. Enterprise still needs to improve the LED lighting technology level and guarantee service life of the product, ensure EMC project implementation; Reduce mini led light bars purchasing cost.

In fact, both risk pressure, the financing difficulties or a guarantee of product quality, measurement standards, is the industry has been paying attention and trying to solve problems, a lot of places and enterprise attaches great importance to the EMC mode, and actively explore the mode of implementation ways. In addition to some LED lighting enterprise rely on their own power, set up his own energy service companies outside, some places are actively introduced have abundant strength of the background of the energy conservation service company to the implementation of the EMC mode, take integrated operators mode, integration technology, products, services, and products to meet requirements in the project, under the condition of enterprise in the ChuZhuang LED light can get part of the electricity saving contract amount to, to a certain extent, ease the pressure LED enterprise collection.

As you can see, EMC mode in the application of semiconductor lighting and not very long history, also is not mature, about the model application, many are in many exploration stage, may not definitions, and that also does not solve EMC model implementation all the problems encountered in, but all the exploration for EMC model is also a good try. Along with the development of semiconductor lighting technology, whether semiconductor lighting the level of product quality or industry enterprise strength is in constant ascension, and EMC model development environment also would improve.


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