High brightness LED the development trend

8 May

With the continuous led strip lights to improve performance, application market is then rapid expansion, the future high brightness LED the development of the market, will be more quickly with a wide range of growth. One of the most obvious penetration rate is white LED, 90 s in the background of environmental protection and energy saving more was expected of the market, at the same time also stimulates the rapid development of the technology industry related. For the present, white LED the main applications include mobile phone LCD backlighting lighting and vehicle inside outfit illume, only the market has accounted for about 25% of overall sales LED.

On the other hand about lighting applications part, then is at just started the realm. General building lighting, often accounted for 20% of the whole power consumption, in Japan, in the 90 s has more than 100 billion kWh each year. So for a new generation of energy-saving light source expectations is quite large, but unfortunately so far, still can only use white LED in relatively small range. Like 5 mm because small white LED, not like a third wheel or fluorescent lamps that, with only one can have use for environment the amount of light. So if hope LED to cross sufficient to building lighting, in the overall technology, it is need greater breakthrough to just go.

High brightness white flexible led strip

White LED there are basically two ways. One is more chips type, a single chip type. The former is the red, green, blue three LED package together, at the same time, make its shine and produce white light, the latter is the blue or purple light, LED ultraviolet light as the light source, with fluorescent powder in use a white light. The former way, the characteristics of various LED must be combined, driving circuit is more complex, the latter type single chip, if only one kind of LED, circuit design is easy. Single chip type further divided into two kinds, one kind is to use the blu-ray LED light source hair, another kind is to use nearly ultraviolet and ultraviolet light. Now, the market is white LED most blu-ray LED with fluorescent powder YAG.

In the past, only blu-ray LED Light Bars use GaN as substrate materials, but now from green light field to the nearly LED ultraviolet recipients, also began using the GaN compounds as materials. And along with the expansion of the white LED application, the market for its effectiveness hopes to increase gradually. From the pure perspective, the pursuit of high efficiency is always be market and industry expected. But on the other hand, play color also will be a important performance indicators, if just as shown that USES words and light color is white may have enough, but from the use of lighting for, in order to achieve higher efficiency, and how to realize the color of natural light and close to it is very necessary.

GaN as high brightness LED base material gradually popularity

In the early stages of the technology development, the global only 23 home industry development and production GaNLED, but to date production operator number has nearly 10 enterprise, so in the market also launched a fierce competition. Early and compared under, although today has realized the brightness of the witnessed increased, but the technology will face more difficult to the threshold of the house, so now whether academia, or business in concentrate on technology and research development. Current GaNLED overall development direction to see, probably into, large current wave of change, and the development direction of high efficiency, etc.

How to let more current LED support

In recent years, the operator for just a can achieve a good brightness LED research and development is positive, so in this area of technology also falls on how to make LED to support more current. Usually 30 u ㎡ LED to drive the biggest 30 mA current, but the result is far to meet the market expectations, so the goal is to need to be 10 times above of current, conduction to the LED components. So when the area size can expand LED to 1 m ㎡, so the next down is how to make current work to reach 350500 mA, because the driving voltage is more than 3 V, so we can have the 1 W power can be flowing into 1 m ㎡ chip area.

And in light of the color in, although has so much power input to GaNLED, but put together four points of electricity can’t convert light and the formation of quantity of heat, so leds overheated phenomenon, this will directly affect the color results LED in. Because LED the basic characteristic of the components is, if the temperature rise, the luminous efficiency will fall and creates the sexual deviation in color, so how to effectively release a lot of heat release heat generation technology key, so will be LED into heat conductivity, and heat capacity big material become quite important question, so far is the use of the most valuable metals or ceramic.

Short wave long bring up the high-energy light by quantitative ascend the luminous efficiency fluorescent powder

From the start of the blue light GaNLED, now has successfully developed micromixer mixing effect degree of green light LED, though there are also began long wavelengths of research and development trend, but because InN of mix than to improve crystal crystalline deterioration, now has gradually be industry gave up. On the other hand, in order to become a substitute for such as laser of research and development of new application also begins to be consideration, so for now, the industry development is positive for short wave long. Japan recently some of the college laboratory has successfully developed 250 nm LED, but practical or to be thinking, as the human eye for wavelength of acceptance of about 380 nm, so more than 380 nm wavelength if short, is unable to produce can within the horizon LED, or bring a low output.

In order to avoid meet the problem, the most in the following solutions:

1. The light change layer structure: not in sight of the chip can be LED the GaInN structure, but adoption Eg more AlGaN or AlGaInN.

2. Avoid light absorption loss: in the chip of the existing in the structure LED GaN or GaInM layer of words, will be for their will absorb light and cannot will send out the light went out, so use AlGaN layer as the foundation, to form out all the structure layer will be better results, or by GaN as the important n type ground floor.


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