LED emergency lighting technology application

7 May

A, flexible led strip lighting the importance of emergency lighting applications

Emergency lighting is the modern public buildings and industrial building an important safety facilities, it with personal safety and security is closely related to the building. When building a fire or other disaster, the power supply disruptions, emergency lighting to evacuate, fire rescue work, the important production, work or run to continue operations necessary disposal, have an important role. Through the LED lighting applications product research and development and application, can change our country at present the daily lighting and emergency lighting products, not lack of integration in an emergency guarantee of the present situation of production and life requirement; Combined with the implementation of the country’s energy consumption and pollution reduction targets, should be developed series civil emergency lighting products semiconductor, such lighting products, except for in the daily use of the meet energy requirements outside, in an emergency occurs when provide enough light and lighting time, used to escape, the rescue of property and repair electrical system. Development in special emergency environment bring power generation function lighting products, to carry is convenient to use and can be recycled, many times with its own protection function goal.

Fire, earthquake and other natural disasters occur, emergency lighting is to escape the necessary equipment, disaster relief, and expected future three years of emergency functions with semiconductor lighting series application products market demand will be more than 2 billion yuan. With the development of our national economy, social security awareness and safety standards are greatly ascend, including the requirement of emergency lighting products more and more is also high. This not only require such products to meet emergency needs, but also have the energy saving, humanity, and high reliability, such as performance, and emergency semiconductor lighting is the biggest advantage in this. At the same time, as China’s economic and social development, and disaster relief rescue, field construction from the nets and a harsh environment lighting needs more and more high, also in emergency lighting products semiconductor produced a huge market demand.

“Emergency lighting efficiency drive technology and system reliability research topic which aim is to promote the application development, the breakthrough LED lighting applications are in urgent need of the industrialization of the key technology, perfect the semiconductor lighting industry chain. Through the lighting design, second optical design, thermal design, light source, the structure design, drive circuit application technology system integration, and promote the localization of the devices in the domestic product scale applications.

The main research emergency lighting special led outdoor lighting fixtures source development, LED lighting design, emergency emergency lighting lamps LED two optical light distribution and overall design, design heat emergency lighting special driving power and intelligent control system development, etc.

Kpis for LED light source the luminous efficiency quartile 100 lm/W, thermal resistance: more than 9 ℃ / W, lamps quartile luminous efficiency 80 lm/W, color temperature: 3000-6000 K; Show color index: frequency 80; Power frequency power factor of 0.9, and the current total harmonic distortion than 20%, power frequency conversion efficiency by 80%.

2010 subject is completed, the lamps efficiency reached 80 lm/W, apply for patent 5-10 and can meet seismic disaster relief, the field exploration and military field and the urgent need of emergency lighting, contribute to the solution of emergency lighting security, establish a perennial emergency lighting products supply mechanism, to realize in the reconstruction, the western region, the new countryside construction demonstration of the application, speed up the effective promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, and promoting our semiconductor lighting industry’s international competitiveness.

Second, the LED emergency lighting integration technology research and the difficulty of the innovation

mini led light bars in emergency lighting or just start, driven circuit design, emergency function selection and design of the structure of emergency lamps to research, especially in the emergency lighting standards and emergency lamps on the reliability of the research is still in a state of lag. The main technical difficulties are as follows:

1, LED packaging technology: scientific, reasonable LED encapsulation structure, is to improve the LED light source the light efficiency and take the photoelectric conversion efficiency of key technology. Therefore according to the requirements of the emergency lighting lamps LED to design the reasonable LED encapsulation structure, light failure to minimize, satisfy requirement is heat LED light source the difficulty of design.

2, the LED cooling technology: LED the encapsulation of the heat dissipation problems have become the main high power LED development of key factors. To effectively solve the high power LED heat dissipation problems, will use the effective heat dissipation and not deteriorating packaging materials, heat conduction LED effectively, and solve problems light failure.

3 and secondary light distribution technology: the emergency lighting the most important parameters is to meet the indoor lighting and the requirements of the emergency lighting, its main parameters have the average illuminance, intensity of illumination evenness and keep the lights on time, through the secondary optical design, combined with the characteristics of LED light, design conforms to the requirements of the optical light distribution structure meet emergency lighting use requirement.

4, LED intelligent control technology: from LED light source characteristics, the digital intelligent control mode and the drive power supply. The suitable for emergency lighting model of optimal control requirements of the way; Research and all kinds of sensors of the combination of the control mode, the suitable for emergency lighting of the power supply and the driver of the emergency power supply reliable conversion technology.

5, emergency lighting lamps and lanterns detection method, reliability * price method and related standards for drafting.


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