Replace 40 W incandescent lamp of what LED light bulb standards

5 May

At present there are plenty of flexible led strip lighting is designed to replace mark 40 W traditional incandescent light bulbs, these LED light bulb in effect? Can reach the effect of 40 W bulb? How much reaching flux, to meet to replace traditional 40 W incandescent lamp brightness requirements? According to the product of the flux on the market do a series of investigation found that flux LED light bulb is replaced 40 W incandescent lamp when the choose and buy of the main considerations.

The efficiency of the traditional incandescent led outdoor lighting fixtures source is about 11 to 12 lumens per tile or so, that is a 40 W incandescent light bulb brightness should at least 450 lumens is in. And the United States, Europe and Japan to replace traditional source of LED lighting have requirements, including replace traditional 40 W incandescent light bulb LED light bulb flux requirement is in 450 to 485 between lumen. But some manufacturers think, because of the flux LED a directivity, and, in some cases, for example, limit the scope of illuminance desk lamp, with more than three hundred lumen LED light bulb can replace 40 W incandescent light bulb. LEDinside examines global representative LED light bulb manufacturers brightness specifications, in view of the flux of the investigation of the labeled as follows:

˙ lighting companies such as Europe and America to philips and general electric, the two companies that is equivalent to 40 W of traditional light bulb LED light bulb, including the philips 8 tile Master LEDbulb, and general electric’s 8 W type of 62180 LED light bulb, respectively 470 lumens brightness is with 450 lumens, conform to replace brightness demand.

˙ Japan both Toshiba consortium of 7.2 W LDA7L or sharp’s 7.8 W the DL-LA42L, brightness specifications are 485 lumens, accord with the Japanese electrical ball of the industry will guideline specification.

˙ South Korea giant LG (LG) in the month of may to replace 40 W incandescent lamp introduced a model LB08D830L0A, 7.5 W LED light bulb, after examining and expectations. Korea’s factory samsung 4.4 W goods, its brightness specifications are respectively the white light is warm and cold white light 270 lumens of 320 lumens, brightness specifications as expected.

˙ EcoSmart, LEDON and Feit Electric rolls out claimed that could replace 40 W incandescent light bulb LED light bulb, including the EcoSmart 8.6 W LED light bulb (Model: ECS 19 WW120), LEDON 6 W goods, and Feit Electric 6.5 W LED light bulb (A19 / HP/LED). Investigation shows that they of the flux 450 lumens target or with some gap.

˙ Osram (Osram) 8 W mini led light bars that can be used to replace the traditional 40 W incandescent light bulb, the products include have cold white and warm white two goods, and 450 lumens brightness specifications are respectively (cold white), and 345 lumens (warm white).


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