The application of high power LED

3 May

High power led strip underwater lamp in the application
Speed up the pace of urban construction, leisure square and green park as the window of city, representing the city people eager to return to the nature mood. Water represents the spiritual, water fountain and leisure square and green space is an integral part of the park, so for the underwater lamp is quite considerable demand. At present, the color underwater lamp are generally traditional PAR lamp, produce all sorts of color require additional filtering the X-ray, and greatly reduce the luminous efficiency. Through the contrast can see, red, green, blue lights under, the traditional total flux LED lamps is underwater lamp 1 ~ 2 times, the packaging technology LED to the light source of directional light is very strong, and LED a very small volume, can match with all kinds of Angle optical lens, the characteristics of the traditional underwater lamp to power consumption is underwater lamp 13 times LED above. This shows, the LED underwater lamp energy saving effect is significant. In addition, the LED spectral distribution situation decided their light color purity and saturation is traditional PAR lamp incomparable, therefore, has a strong competitive advantage.
In Flexible LED Strip Lights of the application of the acrylic mark product
Acrylic light as alternative products neon lights mark at McDonald’s, KFC, many international well-known enterprise of the demonstration effect, nearly two years in Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou and other big cities began to popular, they not only the traditional big neon customer service power consumption, maintenance is convenient, unsafe and lack of pen draw less weakness, its lights also has the colour and lustre is full, pervious to light its uneven, and the design of the stereo effect, make not only in the night mark glittering and translucent get rid of, brilliant, temperament inside collect, day also appear elegant and dignified, temperament heroic, these two characteristics is neon lights and metal words incomparable.
Outdoor LED Lighting in modern curtain wall kind of architecture of application
Construction glass in modern building on the YingYongLiang is more and more big, the variety is more and more, function more and more complete. Construction glass in the building on the YingYongLiang, application type and has the function can be used as evaluation criteria of the degree of modern buildings. Especially construction glass adornment performance, can say is protean, no construction glass there can be no modernization construction. But because of glass already can pervious to light, and reflects the light and absorb the light optical performance, and building the landscape lighting design supporting into a mold.
How can reproduce through light glass is the simple sense of beauty during the day? This is the landscape lighting designers of common concern to the problem. For large surface of the glass of modern architecture lighting treatment, and a “building the lighting” light-emitting device (light) and construction component is an organic whole, make not only the connotation of lighting deepening and expand, and form varied, let a person finds everything new and fresh.
High power LED single photosynthetic efficiency high, the unit volume is small and exquisite, design flexibility is very big, can maximize the structure characteristics of the carrier with light, and convenient installation, for such construction provides a new lighting solutions


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