The characteristics of LED dot matrix display screen

2 May

Combination of led strip lighting outdoor with light emitting diode for figure element, it with high brightness LED grain for array, and then through the epoxy resin and modeling in packaging and into. With high brightness, low power consumption, pins, less perspective, long service life, resistant to wet, cold and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
Dot matrix display have monochrome and double color two kinds, can show the red, yellow, green, orange, etc. Of LED dot matrix has 4 x 4, 4 x 8, 5 x7, 5 x 8, 8 x 8, 16 × 16, 24 x 24, 40 x 40 and so on many kinds of; According to the number of pixels divided into, double primary colors, such as primary colors, according to the different color pixels shows text, images, the color of the content is different also, single primary colors dot matrix display only fixed color such as red, green, yellow and monochrome, double primary colors and color dot matrix display content by the color pixels within different color leds light combination decisions, such as red green all light can show yellow, if the pulse of the diode’s light way to control time, then can achieve 256 or more senior grayscale display, can realize the true color display.
Several of led strip lighting circuit structure and appearance of the internal specifications, other types of dot matrix structure and pin can test obtain, of LED dot matrix display single piece of use, we can replace digital pipe display digital, also can display all kinds of Chinese and western words and symbols, such as a 5 x 7 dot matrix display in western letters display, 5 x 8 dot matrix display in ZhongXiWen display, 8 x 8 dot matrix used to show Chinese word, also can be used for graphics display. Dot matrix display of more than with the combination may constitute a big screen display, but this kind of practical device often through the computer or single chip microcomputer control drive.
By the internal structure of 12v led light bars, it is known that the device appropriate USES dynamic scanning driven approach work, because most of the core LED to high brightness type, so a line or a list of monomer LED drive current can choose narrow pulses, but its are average current should be restricted in 20 mA inside, most dot matrix display monomer the positive pressure drop LED about 2 V or so, but large window of dot matrix display monomer 10 for the positive pressure drop LED is about 6 V.
Big screen display system is generally will by several of LED dot matrix of small module to the building blocks of a combination of way, every small module have their own independent control system, combination together after so long as into a total control each module of the command and material can, this method is simple and easy with the characteristics of the exhibition, easy maintenance.
Of LED dot matrix display system in each module of the way that a static and dynamic showed the two. Static shows simple, convenient control principle, but the hardware connection complex, in the actual application of general use of the dynamic display mode dynamic display of work with scanning mode, the peak larger narrow pulse drive, from top to bottom successive have constantly to the display screen in all to the chosen tong, and at the same time, to each column send out text information graphics or said the pulse signal, repeatedly back to circle the above operation, can display all kinds of graphics or text information.


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