Nine advantages of led strip lighting

24 Apr

Nine advantages of led strip lighting:

The color is pure: led strip lights use high brightness SMD LED as its light emitting components, so it has the advantages of LED components that the light color is pure, downy and has no glare. The led strip is great both for decorative purposes, and lighting purposes.

Less heat: the light emitting component of led strip is LED, because of that power of single LED is very low, it is 0.04 ~ 0.08 W generally, so the heat is less when working. The led strip lighting is great for decorating fish bowl, and it won’t produce a lot of heat that increase water temperature to affect the growth of fish.

Softness: the led strip lighting adopts very soft FPC for its base board, so it can be bend to form various graphs and won’t be broke. It is suitable for all kinds of advertising model shapes.

Ultra-energy-saving: Power of 1210 led strip per meter is only 4.8W, and 5050 strip per meter is only 7.2W, compared with the traditional lighting and decorative lights, the led strip consumes less power, and its lighting effect is much better.

Safety: the led strip light is powered by 12V DC low voltage, so it is safe to use. It is safe for the old and child to use without potential safety hazard.

Long life span: the normal life span of led strip is 80000 ~ 100000 hours, if the light works 24 hours a day, its service life is nearly 10 years. Therefore, the life span of LED light is several times of traditional lights.

Environmental protection: led strip is made up of LED and FPC. LED and FPC are environmental protection materials which belong to the recycling type, so it won’t cause damage and pollution to the environment for a large number of the large-scale use.

Simple installation: it is very convenient to install, it can be installed in a variety of supporting surface with clamp, trough, iron wire. In addition, because the led strips is thin, light and ultra flexible, so it can fix on the objects by double sides adhesive tape. You can install the strips by yourself and enjoy the DIY fun.

Wide application range: for its thin, light and soft body and pure color, the led strip is widely used for the building outline, steps, booth, bridges, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, advertising signs. With the technology of led strip light is developing, the led light will be used in various fields more widely.


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