LED lights-application scope

23 Apr

The emitting light colors and led strip lights the luminous efficiency and production of materials and the process LED, is now widely used there are red, green, blue three. Because LED lower voltages (only 1.5 3 V), can have certain brightness and active luminous, brightness and can voltage (or current) regulation, and its resistance, impact resistance, vibration, long service life (100000 hours), so in large display device, at present there is no other way showing the way and LED display on top.

The red and green flexible led strip together as a pixel screen made of that double colors screen or false color screen; Red, green, blue three LED tube put together as a pixel screen that three colors screen or a full color. Making LED screen pixel size of indoor general is 2-10 mm, often use several can produce different gezer LED the core package as a body, outdoor LED pixel size for more than 12-26 mm, each pixel consists of several a all kinds of monochromatic LED, common finished product says pixel tube or pixel module.

The LED Light Bars if want to display images, the need to constitute pixels each LED lamp glow brightness all must be able to adjust, the control of delicate degree of gray level is display screen. Gray level, the high, show the picture more exquisite, colour is also more rich, the corresponding display and control system is also more complicated. In the current level of technology, the 256 level of gray image, color transition already was very gentle, image reduction effect is satisfactory.

Data shows, the LED light source 87% energy than incandescent bulbs, fluorescent light than 50% energy, and long service life than incandescent lamp 20 ~ 30 times than fluorescent lamps, long 10 times. Has LED light source for energy saving, environmental protection, long life, safe, fast response, small size, colour is rich, controllable series special advantages, is considered to be the best energy saving electricity drop realization way.


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