LED lamps and lanterns in the correct use domestic outfit

20 Apr

With the development of economy, the flexible led strip lighting the improvement of people’s living standard and life quality request for more and more is also high. We can see everywhere, in a new decoration in the houses of the lights, brightly colored. But fine fine feeling, if we stay in the room when the longer words, you will find that easy to feel exhaustion, dizziness. In fact, this is in our daily life LED lamps and lanterns USES of the error.
The effect of the building is decorated can directly reflect master life taste, and the proper use of the lamps can let us home become more comfortable, so lamps can correctly, it will directly influence building decorates a style is just what we need. Especially the small, scattered LED shoot the light the lamps and lanterns of more important, when using, should be very careful. For example, when a lot of people are decorated devotion to shoot the light of the quantity, such not only can’t meet our requirements, and very easy to cause the light pollution. So we when decorating, be reasonable collocation use lamps and lanterns. Usually, we want to advocate the lamp, wall lamp is tie-in and attached with droplight combine together for the principle. Additional light source reasonable collocation, can reflect the owner life taste.
(1) led outdoor lighting fixtures source “colourful”
In the long life, we are a house a lamp, the home that moment for us, it is just a place to live, the likelihood is we can only really hate a lamp light. So when we see there are more types, more color lamps and lanterns for us to choose, very eager to get them moved to our houses. We hope that through these lamps and lanterns to let our home is beautiful, become warm, give us different feeling, the “colour profusion” lamps and lanterns move into our house doesn’t. Shoot the light color collocation is LED a subject, if our house basic tonal it is white, if it is good, but now our houses gezer can’t be white, when lamps light and we houses is the combination of gezer, appear likely to the rest of the color, the colour may make us feel very big of disgust, for example for the green light to illuminate the lamps and lanterns of red above the moment, can produce ash red, red to grey is a kind of let us feel very dirty, color, will have just the opposite effect. Wall lamp even if we LED wash these “colourful” lamps and lanterns not illuminate to the unsuitable object, but these messy color can bring you the feeling of the house? They meet the whole environment destruction home, let your body in which a feel of the home is not warm and sweet, but in the bar feeling. Let our physical and mental fatigue not released, long down health effects. So we can’t choose the light source in selecting too much color, 2 or so good, and we choose not too too bright-coloured color, cannot destroy “home” feeling, and is best choice warm white, and don’t choose cool white, this house will more sweet.
(2) mini led light bars take crisscross, excessive use
More than 20 years ago, indoor decoration began to enter the Chinese life starts, it has always been our hot hold, we begin to know the room that can such “beauty”, from the beginning to now, the light has been interior decoration is very important part, lighting levels of design thinking, the soft light in article LED the Chinese eye belong to the new lighting model brought to our side, from appear to have been our “love”. Reflection lamp chamfer, glass lamp tape of these diverse products bring us enough visual impact, meet us for the pursuit of living. The characteristics of the lamp tape is very apparent, it can increase the lighting intensity and divisional space of the dual role, but if we application in interior decoration, is not very reasonable, because our houses common area are small, and moreover, the house layer is short, the light with the height and space for house is of the request. LED project-light lamp plus if we lamp with application too much, can let us feel the space is very messy, level unclear sense, so light take not ideal for use in interior decoration, in the hotel and other large public facilities have the best results. From saving energy into consideration, also is not satisfactory, with more electricity use common light, so the lamp tape had better not used in interior is decorated in, if is villa is another matter.
(3) smallpox chaos pursuit is luxurious, the atmosphere, using light-emitting top
Luxury, atmosphere has been our favorite, in some of the scene inside the television see very beautiful, seductive, is very big, so some of our owner took some of the TV series decorates gimmick used in his room. As if this luxury, atmospheric glow condole top the lamps and lanterns of in home outfit often used in. We can’t say glow condole top is not suitable for in living in adornment, to be precise, discomfort in smaller share space in the scene. Shine forth of the top of the light is a very fragmented, with domestic outfit will polymerization of the atmosphere don’t match. Of course, if the space is large in can pray to very good effect.


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