Global LED the market, expanding to bring the new opportunity

19 Apr

All the latest flexible led strip lighting applications, from all kinds of application needs, continuous stokes LED value added, in LED backlit LCD television field to agree in market caliber LED growth trend, will be shipped 36.95 million units from critical to 260 million pieces, moreover, in the high-profile LED lighting party surface, LED light bulb is expected to advance in 2011 into the global lighting market, LED the participants are looking for supply chain solutions. In addition to the new application, small size in the mobile phone LED backlighting and consumer electronic products more already approaching 100% penetration, unless in the next two years become domestic mainstream market. To the application, adjust the product mix, LED drive IC demand is also a rising tide lifts all boats, which mining lamp lighting the most pertinent.
Using distinguish, at present, the led outdoor lighting fixtures the luminous efficiency in ascension, cost reduction drive, the one is used for consumer electronics products, its application characteristics is to take a battery for energy, are generally 4.2-8.4 V, for continues penetration general lighting and the most extensive application of the products; 2 it is used in automobile lighting products, because of its power from the car battery, the new application fields and have significant growth. And LED the market at least in the next three years, have higher voltage step-down LED drive power source; In the incandescent lamp disabled to stoke the policy, it will need to convert to a DC AC directly LED drive IC, main function is to convert the AC voltage DC power supply, 2011 market growth of the key. It is worth noting that, market forecast wafer photoelectric, help the LED illumination permeability ascension!
Years at the end of the quarter, global mini led light bars and extension of piece begun to command a price. In view of the strait enterprise the agreement reached in LED lighting field deep already a long time of delta has a public announcement. In this unexpected price increase sharply, the large Chinese chip giants are high growth in profits. The Chinese market will as a strategic focus layout. , the solar energy market integration degree, the price should be considered and after-sales service. For example, two inches of sapphire substrates already from the lowest $8 / piece rise to about $30 / piece, at present the market has yet to sign stagnation. Enter fully after the operation, which can be used on realized market demand exceeds supply situation. The current chip prices in essence or the imbalance between supply and demand. Overseas LED that China LED the company reaches of enterprise will continue to increase, therefore, in the long run, we must through the LED illumination method, save costs! Unless this demand devices capacity for promotion.
From last year, the LED illumination in the global market share to 50 billion yuan of above. Just from the Asian market of the income of the Japanese brand of the supply chain to link the first giant, because Japan LED light bulb rate rises again and again, in theory, to whether the United States, China, or Europe, LED the market has increased, and the world know Dutch philips lighting factory, compared to our emerging technology, whether mobile phones, the size or backlit LED lighting lamps and lanterns application, a large increase in order. However, LED by the big size package or backlight application of the growth of the main direction, the enterprise that profits can also rose more than last year. As for the growth potential of the highest LED lighting applications, with as in medical care, LED lighting plants human nature is changed and the development of new application, the future of LED products is expected to tendency, which LED the relative price of will keep steady, actually can produce a different market effect, bring new challenges and opportunities.


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