The abuse of the high pressure LED chips

18 Apr

A lot of manufacturers to the small power led strip lighting outdoor series up sell, this is the so-called high pressure LED, however, from concept
It is a kind of high pressure LED chips way.
We LED is said light-emitting diodes (leds), before using reverse breakdown voltage are quite common, and features are high voltage
And low current, that this model of voltage, have what disadvantages?
The 12v led light bars the luminous omni principle of explanation, that LED the high pressure before the omni in work small energy power than low voltage LED chips to less, from a cost to consider, very promising, but carefully weigh can be found, such was the formula, the input power and standard power is it equal, if the luminous efficiency in the same calculation, most of the energy into heat energy and through the radiator to send out, said in the same power, low voltage LED chips fundamental and ordinary power efficiency of the drive almost the same, there is no advantage, four in the series of light bulb high pressure LED chips, improve the transformer improving efficiency, reduce the heat loss, for the shell heat can reduce the burden.
High pressure led chips, reducing the led area, from the outside is very great progress, but from heat dissipation level to discuss, very adverse, quantity of heat to send out without effective, impact longevity. This in high pressure led chip design to highlight. Reduce the heat and resistance with copper for backplane material is good idea.
To solve these problems, high pressure led strip lighting chips are very use the lamps and lanterns of the future, and low pressure equal shares.


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