led strip lights

16 Apr

When you go to you a friend’s home found their indoor led strip lights around the corner around, look very beautiful you may not only will ask this kind of lighting effect is made of how? Can’t be around all installed on the small bulbs!!!! Here to give you answer this??? What??? With led lights to show in the belt led assembly FPC (flexible LCD) or PCB hard, because its products shape like a band as the name. The understanding of simple is through in the kind of flexible or hard installed on board of different color led lamp, through the power of the above realize tape all led lamp lighting thing with led lights. Because long use life, green environmental protection and gradually in all sorts of adornment industries emerge. Led lamp with main application range is in furniture around, ships, advertising, the place such as car.
General on the market and buy led lamp with a big to divided into two kinds: one kind is Flexible LED Strip Lights, led lights is a hard line.
1, flexible led lights is used with FPC do assembly circuit board, with patch led to the assembly, the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy a space; Flexible led lamp with and that led lamp tape strips.
2, led lamp is hard article with PCB assembly circuit board made do with straight into assembled led. Hard light the advantages of the article is relatively easy to fixed, processing and installation are more convenient; Defect is not optional bending, not suitable for irregular place.
Led lamp installation method with reference:
A, four line lamp bandwidth about 22 mm, about 8 mm thickness, weight is about 0.25 kg/m (4 m A kilogram)
B, four line with light four wire, three rows of light (note not four row lamp oh), each row 1 m 24 lamp, 24 * 3 = 72. For each star light bead is the power of 0.05 W, 72 ZhuDeng take power is: 72 * 0.05 = 3.6 W
C, every meters have “scissors” sign, can only in logo have to cut, cut wrong or cut partial would incur a meter not bright! Some will mark for hit a partial some, the best is to cut look carefully before mark position, according to the middle of the central link didn’t cut can. Look carefully and I can see. So the customer can request purchase less we cut out, connected and good try after delivery, we are willing to free I help you ~ ~
Each lamp tape with a special-purpose plug required (plug with transformer), we all use the original, demand the other shoot; Cohesion sure to take cover under the transparent plastic, connect well try again after the lamp cover. Must not directly take cover cohesion, such easy to short circuit.
D, lamp tape device, common in lamp chamfer, a straight can, can also with cord or fine wire fixed. If need to outside outfit or shaft installed, demand for other wind bands and end plug. The original bands is completely transparent, and we don’t give ~ if is the device in the outdoor, had better be after the device on the plug and play plug place on waterproof glue glass, such waterproof performance is better.
Now on the market and buy led’s light price is expensive with also have cheap, these are not, basically see you with what brand of lamps and lanterns of bead bead quality how, from several pieces to come piece of range. Good brand company produces the led lights, of course the price with than the average company production led’s light to you with some.
With led lights brand choices, according to his be fond of and use to the different environmental consider different manufacturers with Outdoor LED Lighting.


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