LED in indoor lighting engineering application

16 Apr

1, high-grade designed store, supermarket and led strip business atmosphere
LED light source energy conservation, environmental protection, no ultraviolet ray, catering to the businessman personalized light show some environmental psychology, became a few businessmen for some special products show the best light of; It full spectrum color range is very suitable for foil stores and shopping malls atmosphere, LED light source in the local lighting, focus lighting and regional lighting advantage, can build a other traditional light light sources can not reach the high quality of the light environment, very suitable for commercial lighting field. By this time, price becomes secondary of the consideration.
2, entertainment, beauty salon lighting
Flexible LED Strip Lights source full-color easy control integration, can create static and dynamic lighting effect, from white light to the full spectrum of any color, apply colours to a drawing gives a kind of strong entertainment atmosphere, and LED to the emergence of this kind of space environment design opens the new thought decoration.
3, bar, cafe, the atmosphere of the leisure place lighting
LED light source volume small, the solid to shine, and to the producers of the infinite play space lamps, can make all kinds of different style of the professional LED lamps and lanterns, and LED the full spectrum of any color and dynamic and static lighting effect make its adornment sex and make emotional appeal of functions in this kind of place show incisively and vividly.
4, museums, art galleries and other professional place lighting
Museums, art galleries and other places of lighting environment belongs to demand higher special occasions, the special requirements of the display items lighting source does not contain the ultraviolet ray, no radiation. Leds are cold light, the light is not included in ultraviolet ray, and can meet the museum of fine arts gallery, to the special requirements of lighting.
6, hotel, hotel lighting
The hotel, the guesthouse lighting use LED products, or in the lobby, or in the guest room, bring customer a different feel to it, in addition to save energy, but also can show luxurious and sweet, to the owner is concerned, the construction of the light of personalized LED the environment can fully reveals the strength of the enterprise.
7, conference room, hall, multi-function hall lighting
Intelligent control LED gray adjustable, can be based on the contents of the meeting different adjustment in the room or the multi-function hall lighting environment, serious or lively can set freely, LED intelligent lighting can meet different conference theme of light environment needs.
9, living room, and home theater lighting
Use the light color LED to foil a warm, harmonious, wave the emotional appeal of temperature, manifests the comfortable, recreational atmosphere. And now is not only meet the simple lighting lighting requirements, more is to pursue a kind of effect, single room of the multiple lights trend is more and more big. The application of Outdoor LED Lighting for household annotation another meaning.


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