Purple led strip has bought subsidies

4 Jul


Promotion for you light up home led strip lights way

Recycling “green” the light bulb, energy saving rate is the traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp above 90% of the… Following last December 15 days late, in our province, the first 1246 lamp lighting LED street lamp “groups” in choice high-tech zone (west) article 13 new comprehensive lights road, choice city center at present in taste traditional street, gyro roots street and long the street put on more than 300 pilot light LED street lamp.

And dull light yellow high-pressure sodium lamp is different, long the street lamps emit white light, very bright. “They are powerbrite led strips, and compared with the traditional light source, useful life 50000 hours, light intensity of illumination, can improve the power saving 50%.” High and new technology bureau in the relevant person in charge of said, “an open switch, traditional high pressure sodium tends to be a two seconds to light up the street lamp can be instantly, and LED lighting.”

“Planning” proposes, choice will also this year in metro line 1 rail line area, people’s south road, dejection city landmark building and “quenching mountain-dujiangyan” scenic roads, national highway 317 line of PI county recently section, shinglier county and inject county and city industrial park, the implementation of the second batch of LED lighting demonstration project. 2011, the city center street lamp renovation, wear under tunnel light

A transformation of waiting three LED lighting demonstration project, in 3 years of promotion lighting use LED lights 385000 light.

Energy-saving lamps to light up with LED “Pandora” life

Yesterday, the decoration was closer to the end of the ChenYi in market of lamps and choose the lamp. After comparing prices, he found that a few yuan price as long as incandescent lamp, and plasmaglow lightning eyes led headlight strips is about 10 times more. “Before I move with a lamp that 50 W of incandescent lamp, and my friend home 10 watts of LED lights can reach the same smooth effect, the lights more gentle nature some.” Although both in price difference are bigger, but ChenYi or spend more than 100 yuan to buy two sets of household LED energy-saving lamps. “In the future, I will want to make the cost greatly save life” Pandora ‘life.” Chen Yi said with a laugh.

Now many businessmen, high-end hotels are already using LED energy-saving lamps. “Environmental protection lighting can also be recovery, which is beneficial to the second use renewable resources.” Ms. Li said, ordinary lamp ACTS the role of accessories plastic parts usually, “and environmental protection lamp ACTS the role of the parts of the higher content of science and technology in manufacturing, bulb Jacques force also does not exist, more durable, mercury will not release harmful gas.”

At present, in the LED lighting application products production enterprise has reached more than 30. Develop the sapphire substrates, drive control circuit, BaiGuangGao phosphor conversion efficiency and LED lamps and lanterns with independent intellectual property rights of the characteristic products, obtain state 18 invention patent. LED industry with strong technology support, electronics and science and technology university, situate University, Chinese academy of sciences and the morning of photoelectric blue HuaGongYuan etc in the extension of the materials, LED device, fluorescent material areas such as solid scientific research strength.

Investment LED industry how to take back the cost? The planning of the points out, all the main streets, small and medium-sized, down through the tunnel, the subway and municipal glorious engineering investment by the government of the municipal lighting project, set up by the government investment company platform, the market for investment way, namely the project investment or equipment from the rent every year to save the electricity into the pay, time limit for repayment is highest do not exceed 8 years.

Establish LED base make choice made products

Now, LED lighting technology matures, exceptionally high power LED lights, and the speed of the impact was rapid traditional street lamp market. Last April, choice approved became a national “ten city hall lamp” semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot city.

PI County recently determined for development will be in green energy industry County. Past November, PI county recently and high-tech zone signed a cooperative frame agreement, as the only semiconductor lighting choice industrial development zone, attain mutual investment group, established choice high-tech zone-chengdu for modern industrial port LED industrial park.

Recently, the western largest production base in PI county recently LED modern industrial port and put into production, more than 10 factories are LED to speed up the construction enterprise. By 2012, the industrial port will have LED enterprise over 20, investment of 3 billion yuan of above, to 2017 will be built into the western first-class LED manufacturing base. It is reported. This year will be in sand western PI county recently installed along 1500 light LED lights, and national highway 317 in line installed in the transformation LED street lamp.

According to the plan of arrangement, which will encourage each area (city) county organization within the jurisdiction of the construction enterprise or business unit investment LED lighting products demonstration project, according to the municipal government of unified demand of the organization and implementation of LED lighting products demonstration project, financial after verification in accordance with the use of demonstration project LED lighting products price give corresponding area (city) county 10% of subsidies, every year BuTieE highest do not exceed 2 million yuan. For industrial enterprise implementation of LED lighting products application demonstration projects, the energy saving technology reform project relevant policy support.

Will also encourage civic departments, enterprises and institutions and households purchase, use LED lighting products. Refer to state efficient lighting product promotion subsidies, the enterprise according to the following way give subsidies: public departments and enterprises and units purchasing LED lighting products, the city, the area (city) county level according to the two financial prices for each subsidies 10%; Residents home users purchase of LED lighting products, city, area (city) county government in the two levels of the 25% price subsidies.


Sunbrite led tube: so far, so near

3 Jul


Recently, China development and reform commission “phased out incandescent lamp, speed up the popularization energy-saving lamps” project office LvFang, deputy director of the national development and reform commission issued a efficient lighting product promotion achievement report, summarizes recent China to promote efficient lighting products of achievements and experience.

In “1025” beginning of promotion efficient lighting products for work in: national support energy-saving lamps production enterprise for low mercury energy-saving lamps production technology transformation, support enterprise core competitive led strip lights increase big and powerful; Promote semiconductor lighting application demonstration projects, in the different climatic conditions area, choose 20 semiconductor indoor illume application project, 15 semiconductor street lamp application project and 15 semiconductor tunnel project application lamp demonstration, bidding candidate list includes LED road/tunnel light, LED canister light, reflective since ZhenLiu LED lamp 3 kinds big, involving enterprise 28 companies the bid-winning enterprises of the bid price than the market average retail price low above 40%; release China phased out incandescent lamp roadmap, a decision from October 1, 2012, according to the power size gradually import and sales ban stage lighting incandescent lamp, ordinary through the implementation of the roadmap, will promote the healthy development of China lighting electrical industry, obtain good effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and can be expected to add lighting electrical industry output value over 80 yuan RMB, the jobs of about 15000, formed in 48 billion kilowatt-hours, power saving reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in 48 million tons of ability; carry out in-depth green lighting international cooperation, it is to promote incandescent lamp enterprise, the second is reasonable transformation promote efficient lighting products application promotion, three is perfect to phase out incandescent lamp, speed up the popularization of energy-saving lamps policy measures.

The next stage is eliminated incandescent lamp on

Luvian concluded that since the implementation of snowfall led tube lights, has made remarkable achievement: one is to carry out relevant policy research lighting industry, to improve eliminated incandescent lamp, promotion energy-saving lamps to provide support policy system. Second, strengthen incandescent lamp enterprise transformation support, promote incandescent lamp enterprises to realize a smooth transition. Three is actively carrying out cleaner production and old lamp recycling pilot, and to promote lighting industry toxic substances control, to explore the source of the waste recycling system set up light source by experience. Four are strengthening basic ability construction, promote efficient lighting quality enhances unceasingly. Five are to increase energy saving lamps construction of a network system. Speed up the popularization and application of efficient lighting products. Six are propaganda, expand the outcome promotion. On the whole, these activities to promote the energy conservation and emission reductions, optimize the structure of products, expand the consumption demand, drive the enterprise development and promote the cost down, the user gets a substantial, but also improve the energy saving consciousness of the whole society.

The next stage, the national development and reform commission will focus on the three aspects to work: one is to phase out incandescent work. October 1, 2012, banned the sale and import 100 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp. October 1, 2014, prohibited the sale and import 60 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp; according to energy efficiency standards, banning the production, sale and import efficacy lower than the allowable value of energy efficiency low efficiency of tungsten halogen lamps. October 1, 2016, prohibited the sale and import 15 watts and above normal lighting incandescent lamp. Two are to accelerate the promotion energy-saving lamps. On one hand, continue to speed up promotion energy-saving lamps, key popularized with low mercury, solid mercury technology and clean production techniques of high quality, the environmental protection efficient lighting products and increase investment in rural areas of the support strength; On the other hand, encourage enterprises to cleaner production, and carry out the waste tubes processing pilot, establish the lamp recycling waste mechanism. Three is to promote the healthy development of semiconductor lighting industry. Earlier, the ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission, the ministry of science and technology organized the 2012 semiconductor lighting financial subsidies promotion project bidding. Subsidized products including indoor lighting products-LED canister light, reflective since ZhenLiu LED lights and outdoor lighting products-LED street light, LED lamp tunnel. Subsidies for adult users each standard only efficient lighting products, and the central government in accordance with the agreement of the supply price be subsidized 30%.

The mainland market solar powered led tube lights the biggest positive is the government macro policy hotbed, along with the LED lighting business in the mainland of China promote and international companies to enter the Chinese market, China has entered the LED illumination of the development of the fast lane. And years of industry precipitation have built up some achievement, as this year in October from the Chinese market incandescent lamp. LED lighting will have the specification of the market. Environmental protection and energy saving of lighting products to enter the common people LED the house is not so far away!

LED industry: although urgent expansion collapse, but was healthy development

2 Jul


By financial tsunami attack, the led light bulbs from the supply of timely, in the second half of excess capacity. At the same time also hit DRAM and panel industries, indirect so that the original planning a big push epitaxial industry LED the investment plan suspended in oversupply LED industry speaking, will favorable crystal electricity (2448), the ladies round (3061), upstream epitaxial factory widening the competitive advantage.

Manufacturers in 2008 led strip lights the whole performance is not ideal, except for the first quarter small and medium size back light benefit from strong demand and drive revenue on the peak, the second season began to consumer electronics product outgoing lower than expected, the performance is looking after lost along the way. Originally market have great expectations of NB back light application, because manufacturers delay the new ship rolled out, limited contribution essence, upstream epitaxial factory for technology and more patents “look to eat less than”, the manufacturer low capacity utilization of the increasingly serious problem, the expansion plan emergency yells stop. Focus on the future and NB LCD TV back light market, in the first half of 2008 including semiconductors, panel and DRAM and other large group LED to the key into the components, was called out of a scale than a big, the market once estimated full stage bay 2008 100 sets of MOCVD increase machine. But just in exactly one season time, upstream epitaxial factory from “every day was running order,” into “everyday ran after the order running,” joint equipment factory is facing the same embarrassed shape.

According to research institutions in LEDinside statistics, Taiwan LEDLED Fluorescent won three consecutive season interest rates fell, profit decline rate more than market expectations. Displayed in the global recession, a legacy of the manufacturers expansion began to emerge. Industry oversupply problems I’m afraid of the second quarter of next year to get a chance to relieve. Looking ahead to 2009, LEDinside think global slump affects real impact on the LED related industrial chain. Reflected in on demand, bear the brunt of the consumer electronics, mobile phones and digital photo frame rate began the fix. Currently, only NB back lighting and lighting left related products for 2009 years in May be LED the growth of the industrial source of power. And manufacturers also feel demand slump started to shrink 2009 capital expenditure. And this wave depression even deters the panel manufacturers and the mainland LED industry related to the increases production of progress, perhaps it is relatively healthy LED industry the development trend.

At present the expansion of epitaxial upstream in slow down, there is an epitaxial factory had ordered 12 sets of MOCVD, he turned 7 set, friend of its rondo photoelectric so far merely bought 2 of the machine. Crystal electricity steps expansion has slowed. Now is waiting for the dawn holding cash. Legal person, says that unless the new lighting and NB applications can quickly fill excess capacity, or excess capacity, plus of demand, manufacturers in order to survive, the next step is the price war, it is expected the manufacturers gross profit margin will continue to decline this wave of the industry will be particularly long cold winter.

Estimated this year LED TV permeability is only 2%

30 Jun

Families with TV brands led light bulbs introduced liquid crystal TV. LED TV market will gradually become LED industry killer of the application. Say, if all liquid crystal TV into full LED back lighting, LED consumption quantity will each year than 1 billion branch of the mobile phone market in about eight times.

Due to the price is still better than existing LED TV liquid crystal TV tower above 60% above, plus LED TV back light module supply chain has not been mature. Plus 40 inches above the huge size making difficulty setting very high, most at present by a few Japanese manufacturers provide. In the higher cost and some of the components can be only by a few manufacturers supply, LED TV y109.52 to really some difficulty.

Conservative estimate LED TV permeability only 2% this year. The future with LED back lighting and CCFL module cost close, plus LED TV price to 2012 LED TV permeability is expected to reach 11%. Besides the global LCD TV LED to as much as 63% of mobile phone use LED usage.

LED TV in the market this year has become the focus of attention. Part of the giant brand estimated this year even LED TV shipment to achieve the goal of 10% of the entire shipment proportion. Further points out. Television brand manufacturers to TV specifications leading power will affect the change of the LED industry.

At present, the LED Fluorescent to the largest mobile phone applications for example, mobile phone shipments as high as 1 billion cigarettes a year of above, and mobile phone screen back light, flash, the keyboard keys and so on all need the application to the LED. Estimates that applied to phone number about 10 billion more than a LED.

If the LCD TV full import led strip lights (assuming side light type back lighting is occupied 70%, direct the type back lighting 30% computation), whole LED TV market scale than the cell phone market will be the big 8 times or so. His LED manufacturers extremely bullish on LED application in TV market explosive force, are also closely at LED TV market when take off to decide whether or not to purchase (MOCVD machine.

Conservative view this year LED TV market sales situation, LED TV on the market at present model and the traditional LCD TV 120 Hz high order model comparison, the price gap of about 60 to 80%

According to the panel research institutions Witsview statistics 2009 worldwide LCD TV shipments are expected to reach 114 million units. And this year’s global estimate LED TV in the liquid crystal TV market penetration at about 2% (figure below), mainly concentrated in the big size of astronomical order LED TV primarily. The future as used in LCD TV LED back lighting on the price and CCFL back lighting module spreads close, end products have slashed prices of space.

Plus small size LCD TV also began to import LED rear lighting, to 2012 LED TV permeability is expected to increase to 11%, when global LCD TV LED usage will be equivalent to 63% of mobile phone use LED (figure 2).

Led tube 12v industry: infinite good investment prospects in attention

28 Jun

In 2008, in the international and domestic economic facing serious test of the situation, semiconductor lighting industry as a new round of energy saving for the development of high-tech industries focus, got all levels of government support and care, the national and the provincial and municipal governments put forward to support the development of semiconductor lighting industry policy, and at the same time, the LED industry and broad prospects also won the height of industry investment approval and attention.

In 2008 LED industry of $6.8 billion

As a new concept led strip, from the production process to use until almost all pollution-free process scrapped, and power consumption is only 1/10 of the traditional light bulb, but extend the service life of several times and even 100 times, become in recent years the world’s most prospects of the development of high and new technology, semiconductor lighting technology innovation is to change the traditional lighting history in one hundred.

Have a professional research company survey, thinks that in 2008 LED industry market will reach $6.8 billion, the average annual growth of 20% to 30%, with the scope of application of LED increase, the data has been increasing. Estimate to 2010 years, the Chinese mainland LED industry value of more than 150 billion yuan. LED industry chain, LED the extension of chip with LED to account for around 70% of the profit of industry, LED encapsulation of 10% ~ 20%, the LED application probably 10% ~ 20%.

According to information, semiconductor lighting industry in many industry chain is one of the longest industry, it would boost the development of the chip and extension, encapsulation and application of relevant industrial chain advance. LED industry to a real breakthrough development bottleneck in the market, grasp right, you have to have strong technical advantage, and have his own independent intellectual property rights and the core technology, to have the development in the future, and not midway die young.

Throughout China led tube christmas lights industry after 30 years development, although has realized the independent production device, chip and extension of the piece, but production of LED chips, and its extension of production is still limited, its products to medium and low grade is given priority to, the small scale of industrialization, only to satisfy domestic demand for packaging companies of 20% to 30%, most of the high performance LED and power LED products are to rely on imports.

LED by the government focused on industry

Energy conservation and emission reduction obviously has become the common voice of the national and global, semiconductor lighting industry as the focus of a new round of high-tech industry development, and was known as the world’s most opportunities, the industry’s best-known, got all levels of government support and care, the national and the provincial and municipal governments put forward to support the development of semiconductor lighting industry policy. At the same time, expansive prospects of semiconductor lighting industry also won the height of industrial investment approval and attention.

In fact, China in early 2003 established the domestic semiconductor lighting across ministries coordinate leadership team, started the “National semiconductor lighting project”. National “863” plan to relevant enterprises and research institutes also put into the corresponding funds to support basic research and technology research and development, and set up the sunshine, Shanghai, durian, ranching and examen five semiconductor lighting industrialization base, start a batch of demonstration project. As the Chinese government has issued policy measures to boost the LED the progress of the industry.

As the lighting enterprise the greatest concentration of quandong province, the action of energy conservation and emissions reduction is “fast one step”. It is reported, in order to speed up the energy conservation and emission reduction in science and technology development, and improve the content of science and technology of energy conservation and emission reduction in guarding province, actively organize frontier energy conservation and emission reduction technology research and development, the implementation of the major energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration project, promote energy conservation and emission reduction technology industrialization. It is reported, this year, quandong province started mass the implementation of the “miles of” high power LED street lamp industrialization demonstration promotion engineering, namely in gangrenous, doggone, foster and shoeshine, hacking, shanty city construction total mileage, about 1500 kilometers, the scale of about 100000 light that LED street lamp demonstration expansion project. At the current 5000 yuan, each LED street lamps of price estimate, 100000 light LED street light behind is 600 million yuan sales market, plus chip, support of relevant industries, can pull output value 2.5 billion yuan.

Previous energy conservation and emission reduction is often just an armchair strategist, lack of substantial action, but the government strongly led tube bulbs, not only for the development of the industry LED to provide a good development platform, also show the government the firm resolve to energy conservation and emission reduction.

How to detect green led strip

27 Jun


led strip lights appliances, because of its and the traditional lighting electricity compared with superior characteristic, since entering the lighting after the field, especially in the current global “energy conservation and emission reduction” of the background, the application scope is acceleration expansion. Accordingly, manufacturers and users more urgently wanted to know the LED illumination electrical appliances product quality standards. This paper that is from that starting point, LED lighting appliances to the testing and certification of a popularity is introduced. Introduction will focus on CCC authentication is within the scope of the LED lighting safety requirements.

The green led light strip appliances to the important terms and basic concepts

LED (light emitting diode): A positive bias noncoherent irradiation p-n “semiconductor devices.

LED module: in printed circuit board integration on one or more of the formation of the LED components, with optical components, may be thermal components, machinery components and electrical interface, but not include power and standard lamp holder.

Leds: contain LED module and standard lamp holder of components, divided into integral (with LED drive) and the integral (don’t take LED drive) two kinds

LED Light source: LED, LED module and LED lights collectively referred to as the LED light source.

LED Connector: LED module based on the printed circuit board with the use of miscellaneous built-in fittings.

LED Drive: contains power and LED control circuit of the device, the purpose is to make work LED light source.

green led light strips and lanterns: can assign, filters or change LED the light given by instruments, which include supporting, fixed and protect LED light source the necessary all the parts (but not including LED light source itself), and the necessary auxiliary devices and will and circuit power connection device.

LED lamps safety requirements

First of all, we have to clear lamps and the basic principles of safety standards, “light to shine, and lamps light”-the use of light source by lighting a, lamps and lanterns is optimal light divergence, ensure the safety of the light source used vessels, and therefore lamps to light does not involve the safety standards itself requirements; “Lamps and light source separation, named for the lighting service”-a light source the light lamps use for lighting service, so the standard classification and named the lamps and lanterns and light source should not be concerned, and shall be directly reflects its service, ability of object and the place.

In the above two full understanding of the basis of the principle, we can find that, at present had the lamps and lanterns of the national standards apply to both LED lamps and lanterns, just LED some of the characteristics of the known lamps in the existing standard is in concrete manifestation, need to be further according to the characteristics of LED lamps, formulate LED lamps and the performance of the special and energy efficiency standards. That is, LED lamp to be put under in embedded lamps, fixed general lamps, will move a type general lamps, aquatic animals box lamps, power socket installation night light, ground embedded lamps in 6 categories in the lamps, the application for CCC authentication.

Here is the way to question and answer, solve LED lamps involved in CCC authentication security requirements of a common problem.

How to divide the authentication unit?

(1) installation; (2) the light source species; (3) to prevent to get an electric shock protection level; (4) the shell protection grade; (5) mounting surface materials, heat insulation materials cover; 6 the light of the control device; 6 points above the same, and the structure of the similar can be divided into the same unit.

Prevent to get an electric shock protection form? What are those?

Ⅰ Class-basic insulation + protection grounding; class-double insulation or reinforced insulation; class-the power supply voltage SELV + lamps SELV working voltage.

Power supply terminals should take the positioning and protection measures how?

General in the terminals on insulating liner, and adopt double screws, the purpose is to make the connection may from stranded inner conductor in decent shape a free conductor contact metal component (for power supply conductor) or live parts (for ground conductor).

Tapping screws in the use of any restriction?

Unless there is proper lock device (such as spring washers), tapping screws cannot be used in connection load flow components; unless every joint at least two single, tapping screws can’t utilize to provide continuous grounding.

How to judge which parts of the glass or translucent mask should be made according to the requirements of the fragile parts impact test?

Judge remove these components, lamps IP protection grade lower, prevent getting an electric shock protection is whether customary, ultraviolet light source and still sputtering harm protection was still the standards. If there is an a negative judgment, it should be them as insubstantial parts and impact test.

Used for hanging lamps charged soft cable has any mechanical performance requirements?

Should choose the conductor cross-sectional area large enough soft cable, make the suspension of conductor are not more than 15 force N/was.

Universal symbols or symbol lamps and lanterns have any requirements?

(1) mounting surface level temperature requirements: normal work thermal test and abnormal work in thermal test measured surface temperature of the installation of no more than 90 respectively + 5 ℃ and 130 + 5 ℃;

(2) the light control device type requirement: take accord with IEC61558-2-4 / IEC61558-2-6 / IEC60989 transformer and electronic lamp control device, no further requirements;

(3) and installation surface spacing requirements: at least 10 mm (lamps shell in light control device in succession, the light control planes device to the lamps enclosure at least 3 mm, lamps and surface of the enclosure of the surface to install surface at least 3 mm); Or at least 35 mm (lamps shell in light control device inside the projective device to control, lamp discontinuous mounting surface have direct access);

(4) with heat protector type requirement: take standard symbols and symbols (… is not more than 130) thermal protector, without further requirements; With standard symbols (… more than 130) thermal protector and don’t take the thermal protector, should accord with the light of the control device further fault conditions hot test requirements.

The need below what circumstance equipped with elastic line fixed frame?

Provide design or use the lamps and lanterns do not remove soft cable or delicate line (soft power cable or soft line, Internet cable), and the stretched out more than 80mm lamps, need to be equipped with soft line fixed frame.

Ⅲ Lighting fixtures plugs have special requirements?

Ⅲ Kind of lamps and lanterns can’t use GB1002 / GB1003 with the plug

How to complete the lamps installed loop?

The lamps installed only through the loop instruments or terminals to accomplish coupler.

SELV component can be no insulation?

Can. Nevertheless, if the insulation, it must be in accordance with related insulation resistance and electrical strength requirements.

Ⅰ Lighting fixtures in what place must be grounded?

And between live parts only basic insulation, and palpable (installation is complete, for replacing light source or starter and open) or easy and supporting surface contact the metal components.

In the insulation resistance and the thrilling intensity of the former should be how pretreatment?

Should samples will in the damp 48 hours, the humidity should be held in 91% 95%. Temperature is 20 -30 between any safe value.

LED lamps different polarity of the indirect vital parts have LED module and LED drive, the functional requirements conduction, whether do not need to undertake insulation resistance and electrical strength test?

LED lamps different polarity between live parts also need to undertake insulation resistance and electrical strength test, the test should be changed polarity between live parts of functional components demolished, make the test voltage added to parts of the insulation.

SELV, between the parts have creepage distance and the requirement of the electrical clearance?

Merely working voltage in 25 V the following, they didn’t ask for electrical clearance and creepage distance of requirements. Note that, less than 1mm slot, calculation creepage distance is only slit width; less than 1mm of clearance, the calculation of the electric space neglected.

LED Lamps endurance test with unusual requirements?

No matter whether there is work abnormal condition, with LED lamps are unified on durability test by 1.10 un, lasts for 240 h (routine work 10 x 24 h).

LED Lamps thermal test of what unique requirements?

Normal work thermal test use 1.06 Un (measured with the value parts used when temperature 1.00 Un), if LED module and LED drive connections for welding or not detachable way of terminal blocks, is no exception work thermal test, or use 1.10 Un work for abnormal heat test.

Can move the smooth degree of lamps are there any requirements?

Will move type lamp should not 6 tilt dumping; 15 tilt while the dump, the atypical work in thermal test should be in accordance with the lamp placed after dumping position.

The power supply socket is installed night light thermal test what special requirements?

In addition to GB7000.1 listed in the possible exception working conditions, with fresh mulch cover of night light abnormal working conditions, lamps should be in 1.00 under the Un for work or until 7 h damage.

On the ground of IP protection grade embedded lamps and what are the special requirements?

(1) IP65 + drainage device; (2) IP65 + IP67;

Include at least a group of the scheme, can have more IP level, such as IP65 + IP67 + IP68.

Outdoor led downlights stressed business focus lighting

26 Jun

Commercial lighting for the design of the light and requirements to higher than normal lighting some, how to use the illuminate of lamplight effect is prominent commodities or shop key, creating a unique individual character space, also be to know every shop, especially for some new character, the function of the key lighting is self-evident, led strip lights is make focus lighting superior.

Focus lighting cannot only make the product from a stereo feeling, and the light contrast to also highlight the product features. If will concentrate lighting used for window or brand logo on. Still can rise to enhance products of the unique brand of effect. The whole lighting can make the person feel resonant capacious, and local lighting but it can give the customer in psychological cause “peace” and “field sense”.
Just think, when business store everywhere in the same brightness show in front of customers, everything will become normal, barely the space between a face delicate light and shade change is the most moving. Not merely such, local lighting can also manufacture ChuDian gout center within one by one, and the mediocre hid in the dark corner.
outdoor led downlight as commercial lighting flashlight, clever use will highlight key, make a space have administrative levels feeling. Take the illume of the store for sofa, such as fine meaningful observation of words, sofa shops has much is LED lamp cup as focus lighting to the product orientation and carry bright. The sofa of eyeball effect in the very great degree need more light to foil, so stylist in local lighting design not simply pursuit of light in order and unique, more emphasis on the sofa in the display position given plenty of point-blank light, may at any time, and the Angle of the change direction illuminate LED light cup primarily. Where there is no show through an indirect light source or energy saving light source, so use light density and change, make store level more diversification, the space feels more strong, shopping atmosphere more intense.
Also, the image is painting figure and ornamental lamplight illuminate is the choice of the object, such as the lights in the cupboard, reflects a few small ornaments, weird, illusion bushes, the shop for the aesthetic feeling of foil out hazy, around lights in still can put some potted flowers, clearance by the branches and leaves smooth shadow dance, the shop for smooth add a few minutes of the breath of nature. It is worth noting that, strong, close to the light may be illuminating content damage, but LED frothy cup of LED as the light source, low calorific value, more security, but will not damage of goods.
If consider single osram led downlights the foil of too feeble word, also can use its integrity and sequence sex, carries on the different combination collocation, protean combination effect is more LED light cup good at.
In the increasingly competitive business condition, LED light cup to actually utilized the energy saving and unique charm under the occupation of the commercial lighting market, by the favour of people. In the future, LED light cup update and ideas will promote the continuous development of the commercial lighting industry.